Innovative Design wanted! For the "Virtual Music Teacher" MELODICUS.
Hiram College Intranet Site
Hiram College Intranet Site
Dedicated hosting only landing page
Pirates of Banking for Developer-Event
Create a high converting landing page for QuickTapSurvey
Create hip banner ads for a music blog
Design a Table Cell for App Rank data
design for Get Approved
website design for IDVsystem
banner ad for Foodonclick.com
Create the next website design for Flat Rock Geographics

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Accepting 1 on 1 Project invites only.

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"Fantastic designer and great communication! Highly recommended. My first choice for my next contest."
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"Zoran comes up with lots of ideas and alternatives and is rapid & responsive to your comments. Pleasure to work! "
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"Zoran did a great job. Very easy to work with. He's always available to make changes and offer up new suggestions. "
Client anonyme
"Nice job on our landing page project, very willing and patient to make requested numerous alterations. Thank you."
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"Great to work with! It was the only not template/clip art/stock image looking design we've received and loved every variation of it. Zokamaric followed our direction well and perfectly understood what changes we needed in the final design. The handov..."
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"It was great to work alongside Zoran on this design. Zoran went above and beyond what I asked for, which is excellent. Definitely want to work with Zoran again soon"
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"Great Job! Kept working until we were happy!"
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"There were so many nice designs it was really hard to pick a winner, but zokamaric was our final decision. Great design and very easy to work with. Thank you."
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"He did an awesome job with my project. His design was right on the mark, and was quick and diligent about making all of the changes I requested. I would gladly work with him on other projects."
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