Retro surfboard logo
Carwash design
Bobcat design for baseball team
Prestigious Car Club design
Unique retro baseball logo
Entertainment Logo
Sports Emblem
Modern Parts Company Logo
Automotive logo
Sports Emblem
Automotive Tyre Conditioner Guy
Retro 70's Tyre/Tire product

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If you consider my work worthy of an invitation to your contest please state which work you like. Thank you.

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"Got the brief straight away! brilliant"
Image de profilbrandon.van.slyke examiné il y a 22 jours
"Absolutely nailed our design from the start! Great attention to detail and really impressed with his professionalism and responsiveness. Would highly recommend. "
Image de profiljayjaywilliamson93 examiné il y a plus de 4 ans
"I really appreciate how responsive the designer was to my suggestions and particular accessibility needs, based on the community I serve. "
Image de profilgenevieve.berry examiné il y a plus de 4 ans
"It's been an absolute pleasure working with Signum. His style but more importantly his effort and responsiveness were first rate. He really did put in a lot more than I could have expected to ensure I got the logo I was chasing. His responses to feedbac..."
Client anonyme examiné il y a plus de 5 ans
"Great designer. Quick, great designs and professional. "
Image de profilatharFA examiné il y a plus de 5 ans
"Pineapples is absolutely extraordinary. He listened to every single suggestion I had and responded quickly with new edits. Pineapples was incredibly patient with my requests and is a fantastic designer. I would highly recommend Pineapples to anyone w..."
Image de profillaxtheglobe examiné il y a presque 7 ans
"Prompt reply, professional work, and satisfactory results. All you need is 'Pineapples'. Highly Recommended!"
Client anonyme examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"We have very much appreciated the exceptional responsiveness of Pineapples to our vision, and desire for a unique and creative logo design. He quickly and accurately defined our requests in a graphic format that dipicts the essence of the product. Pinap..."
Image de profilBob F. Harshaw examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Excellent Job and Great comunication; i'm very happy with my new logo. "
Image de profilJuancordero72 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Did an amazing job, had constant revisions improving the design each time which made the final design absolutely impecable. "
Image de profilBen.kingham examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Thanks not only for a great design but for your professionalism in responding to our brief and the options provided. You would normally have to pay several times this amount for a designer of your calibre. "
Image de profilTravis12002 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Pineapples submitted an outstanding entry within the first day of launching our contest, and promptly responded to our requests to see variations to his original design. We received many more entries from other designers in the closing stages of our ..."
Image de profilDemoMan examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Designer was awesome to work with. Responded very quickly to our feedback and gave us a great logo. It was exactly what we were looking for. "
Image de profilRudyAceves examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Took my idea, and made it an aesthetic masterpiece, I'm very impressed with the quality of their work and the professionalism. "
Image de profilsnb3000 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Pineapple's design was the standout design from the start. Very easy to deal with and helpful. I would recommend Pineapple's to anyone wanting a first class design. "
Image de profilPocket Ponies examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Pineapple cracked the brief early in the process and was very helpful with tweaking and further options; finally providing a great design and package of files and resources for our use. Very response and high quality of work throughout. Thank You!"
Image de profilGreg197559 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Creative, responsive, and followed parameters I requested from the beginning. Thanks for a unique design. "
Image de profilcarl000 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Does great work. Responded within minutes every time i left a comment. Ide rate my experience a 10 out of 10"
Image de profilPoselecjr examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"I highly recommend Pineapples. Creative, helpful, and has alot of puns. Well, a fair amount anyways."
Image de profilThomasratcliffe examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Awesome designer! Through a few different versions he created for us, he delivered exactly what we hoped for. I would absolutely recommend!! A+ designer."
Image de profilBobclary examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"I liked Pineapples logo the best from the 1st day of the contest. Even though I thought there was little to improve on, Pineapples followed my feedback on others designs and improved his each time I gave feedback. Very fast and efficient designer who is..."
Image de profilBryanheisz examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Pineapples was great! Very helpful, easy to communicate with and willing to make changes I asked for."
Image de profilSouthsideconnectionselectrical examiné il y a environ 7 ans