Mobile application UI design
Mobile application UI design
My Takeout Menus needs a new app design
mobile app design required
mobile app design required
Reskin for 4 pics 1 Word type Project
Mobile Feature Designs Needed for Mobile App Platform
iPhone App Design - Huge scope to be creative
Create the next app design for Auto Word Cheat for Words With Friends
Design a word search iPhone app for Lift Media
Apps by Lift needs a new app design
new mobile app design for Tonecrusher - Free Ringtones

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I'm just ordinary man. I will never give up to build something from a small thing to be an incredible thing.

Responsible for :

  • UI/UX design, Web design, Front-End, Android, iOS, Unity3d Development

Related Skills:
UI/UX Design,Web Design,Graphic Design,HTML,CSS,Javascript/Jquery,Java for Android,Obj-C, Swift,C#,Photoshop,Illustrator,Android Studio, Xcode, Unity3d

Membre depuis: 21 novembre 2009
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"Great job... I couldn't be happier with the design."
Image de profilTDUNKAN21 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Extremely great work, very very happy!"
Image de profilrobert6a examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Great work. We are really happy with this design. Thank you for all your help!"
Image de profilJohn49123107 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Thanks for being a great listener and responding well to the brief"
Image de profilPermando examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Great guy, responded quickly to suggestions - couldn't be happier with the design !"
Image de profilMikeJW examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"This designer was GREAT to work with!! Five star review, can't say enough."
Image de profilbodynext examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"This was even better than we had imagined. He did such a good job of designing what we needed, and taking feedback. I highly recommend him to everyone, and we certainly will ask him to design for us again."
Image de profilJkhowland examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Thanks aDhiez! Designed the perfect app for our project. Completely professional, made all the requested changes, and delivered all the necessary files. Excellent designer!"
Image de profilCurtis12353 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"aDhiez is clearly a professional iPhone app designer - he has a great sense of composition, color, and typography, and most importantly, app usability. He listens to feedback well and is able to create beautiful, readable designs that work."
Image de profilStartupChiefNYC examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Incredibly good work. Thank you!"
Image de profilJerik examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"great work. Took feedback onboard quickly and effectively and had some great ideas to make the design more engaging. Would definitely use Adhi again. thanks."
Image de profilChelsea.odonnell examiné il y a environ 7 ans