Memoir Book Cover
Book Cover for Religious Book about Adversity
Book cover for San Francisco Romance Novel
Cover Design for a True Story of the struggles of a missionary pilot's wife in the Amazon
Bold cover design for NYC entrepreneur
Cover for Memoir
Cover for Essay Collection about Motherhood
Cover for Upmarket Christian Title
Book Cover for German Autobiography
Zen inspired, modern leadership book
Crime Thriller with Comic Elements
Crime Thriller Cover

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I am an editor and nonfiction writer living in South Carolina. I am the head book designer and art director of Hub City Press in Spartanburg, SC, where I design nationally distributed, award-winning titles.

My style is bold and current but often tinged with a mid-century aesthetic. I will not spam your contest with repeated entries in slightly different color schemes. I craft each of my covers to be unique, particular, and memorable. Save time + money with a 1-1 project! megireid.com

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"I'm very happy with Meg's professional work on the interior design of my book Doctor on Trial: The Landmark Battle for Medical Freedom of Choice. She promptly responded to my emails and demonstrated patience and perseverance with my additions. I highly ..."
Client anonyme examiné il y a environ 3 ans
"Not only did we get a nice, cleanly designed book interior, the designer was patient with us as first-time authors and all of the final reviews and nits we asked her to handle on our behalf!"
Image de profiljohn.duhring examiné il y a plus de 4 ans
"Amazing work! Meg Reid is super talented and a pleasure to work with! "
Image de profiljonathanfink examiné il y a plus de 4 ans
"I was Very Happy with process!"
Image de profilrevorenoco examiné il y a plus de 4 ans
"Very easy to work with. Nice job. "
Client anonyme examiné il y a presque 5 ans
"I appreciated Meg's speed with the project. Her ability to create a clean layout made me feel very confident in her approach and style. This was my first time using 99designs - and it was a wonderful experience. She really went above and beyond. Thanks!!"
Image de profildiskander1 examiné il y a environ 5 ans
"Meg is very clear and concise in communication. She listened and heard what I was looking for in my design. Her responses are very timely and accurate. She was a pleasure to work with. "
Image de profilDebraLynnHayesauthor examiné il y a plus de 5 ans
"Since this was my first experience working with a cover designer, Megreid was especially patient and helpful as we made various changes. She was very prompt in her responses to my requests and I appreciated her expertise in design. "
Image de profilscheltemah examiné il y a plus de 5 ans
"Megireid is amazing to work with. First class designs from a first class designer. Thank You again!"
Client anonyme examiné il y a plus de 5 ans