Portraits of Celebrities in a Flat Style
Peacock Illustration for Envelope Design
Astronaut Illustration for Envelope Design
City Lanscape Illustration for Envelope Design
Pelican Illustration for Envelope Design
Cosmos Panda Pixel Art Illustration
Covid-19 Skull Illustration
Treasure Map Postcard
Nivea Cream Anniversary
Identity for One Time Mountain
Right and left hemispheres of the brain
Helmet of the Astronaut

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Hi! I am Belarusian designer and illustrator living in Poland.

I love all the new and different: styles, themes, techniques, color combinations. So my portfolio is quite diverse and you will certainly can find something that will fit your taste and requirements :)


Pays: Pologne. Membre depuis: 13 novembre 2018
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"Alex was great to work! Very talented!"
Image de profilParkland Direct examiné il y a presque 2 ans
"Alex is a gem. Super easy to work with; very thoughtful; would do again anytime!"
Image de profilJung_Marge examiné il y a presque 2 ans
"Thank you for the amazing piece of artwork! This is going look amazing. When I could not think of anything else to change they would come back with amazing improvements."
Client anonyme examiné il y a plus de 2 ans
"Excellent work!"
Client anonyme examiné il y a environ 3 ans
"Wonderful work. He is very passionate and expect to be told no, which can be a great thing to work with."
Client anonyme examiné il y a plus de 3 ans
"I was very unsure of what I wanted and Alex read my brief and gave me something that fit perfectly. He also went out of his way to create easily edit-able files for any designer who might need to edit his work in the future. "
Image de profilnikki2B examiné il y a plus de 3 ans
"My favorite designer on here."
Image de profildane4 examiné il y a presque 4 ans