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"Working with this designer was a pleasure. Any time I wanted anything changed or wanted to see what a different font, color, size, etc. would look like, she was very quick to help and make the changes. Going into this, I knew a little bit what I wanted ..."
Client anonyme
"Beauty brand, she created something based off the brief. Thanks a lot! "
Image de profilsanjeev.khelawon
"A pleasure to work with and she gets the job done! "
Image de profilkathyVC
"Very high quality job and follow -up, We are very happy with the results."
Client anonyme
"Terrific job and will use her again. "
Image de profilkathyVC
"Terrific to work with - creative and professional and helpful! "
Image de profilkathyVC
"Marvelous and very talented. "
Image de profilkathyVC
"I love how she made my logo (and it's mission) come alive with meaning. It was great working with her. "
Client anonyme
"It was clear with the first submission that mar'Z :) read our brief and payed attention to the specifics. mar'Z :) was very receptive to our revision requests (which were few due to the quality design). I would recommend mar'Z :) to others."
Image de profiltbmasn
"Great job. Love the logo design. "
Image de profilchris QD
"Great job! Awesome work."
Image de profilcharlottepentecostals
"Mar'Z was always quick to reply to my messages and made changes to all of the designs. "
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