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Our style and approach is not fixed because every client is unique and has a unique purpose. Whether playful, sober, colourful, sharp, organic, sophisticated. We supply the best visual to communicate your business intent with clarity, uniqueness and creative visibility.

Whether you are looking for a fresh new start or wish to elaborate on an existing brand we take careful steps to stay faithful to your purpose.

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"2x Satisfaction and Continue to work with them!"
Image de profiljleonv200 évalué il y a 8 mois
"The absolute GOAT of design! Quick! Accurate! Responsive! Understood me right away and had me water for their design. Willing to continue business with them "
Image de profiljleonv200 évalué il y a 9 mois
"Très réactif et qualitatif "
Image de profildelphine.zanellO évalué il y a 12 mois
"Fahd was amazing to work with! Great style and ideas and he was great to work with. I'm really happy with my product."
Client anonyme évalué il y a environ un an
"Our logo design was not complicated, but designs in general were very predictable, literal and not sophiaticated. Light and Shapes was the opposite of all that. His designs were clean, fresh and original. He was quick to respond throughout our back and ..."
Client anonyme évalué il y a environ un an