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My designs are sharp and elegant. I do simple things and simple it's more than enough. My design it will be your last decision. Check some of my work on my page:

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"Excellent work, yet again. Thanks Dani. You are amazing. and this time it is not just me but also my team that weighed in. So this is worth 7 recommendations ;-)"
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"As always Danni did a bang-up job. The sparring sessions and the willingness to think with you is amazing."
Client anonyme
"Bloody brilliant again. Fast, effective and with superb accuracy. I luv you Dani. Great job under tight deadlines. Yet again you amaze me."
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"As always Dani you are amazing, putting in the effort to ensure the designs meet your own exacting standards. Thanks again. Great work!"
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"Dani is fantastic! We're so happy we discovered him and have him used his services for numerous projects."
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"Awesome yet again Danny!"
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"Leverage Design is the Best. This company has painted the picture for the direction of my company. 5stars all the way"
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"Testimonial: So how great can things be? I have experienced quite a lot in the last few weeks: some designers with language barriers, some not understanding simple things like getting a curve to be uniform and mirrored and even designer copying others ..."
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"Dani was fantastic. We've actually used his services on multiple projects."
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"Really fast response time. "
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"I hired Dani (LeverageCraft) to design my new business card, because I was so pleased with his work on two previous projects - a logo and label design. He is polite, professional, talented, and responsive. "
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"We needed a new logo that captured our vision for a new business partnership. Amongst the competitors, there were some good and not-so-good options. LeverageCraft's work stood out. We ran a competition (amongst our target market) between our four favori..."
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"LeverageCraft was extremely responsive and created a wide variety of designs to help us explore the design space quickly. Once we settled on a direction, LeverageCraft went above and beyond to tweaks colors and shapes until we were happy. We really en..."
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"It has been an absolute pleasure to work with LeverageDesign. He made the design process so simple and easy with the great designs he was able to come up with. Really brought our vision to life. Look forward to working with him on future projects."
Client anonyme
"So great to work with! always received a quick response to my feedback and really went above and beyond to create a logo that I love! will absolutely be using him again for some 1 on 1 projects!"
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"The Leverage Design team was great to work with. All their concepts were spot on with regards to the brief. We wanted a simple, yet creative design capturing multiple design elements, and Leverage Design was able to nail this with multiple concepts. ..."
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