Pure Joy Salmon Dog Treats
Pumpkin Spice Curry
Cremica Teddies Mini Cookies
Rice Crisps Packaging
Trick or Treat Candy Pack
Save The Planet Tote Bag
Kids Fruit Snacks
Baby Yogurt Bites
Bookie Monsters Club Subscription Box
Pop-A-licious Popcorn Packaging
Kuma Sushi Box Label
Seaveg Crispies

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High quality design is essential to communicate your brand or campaign and enhance corporate identity. This is where I come in.

I am an Advertisement Designer and Crafter with years of experience in creating visually effective packaging and communication materials. Given the opportunity to work with you, I will handle your project with professionalism, efficiency, creativity and diligence.

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"Wonderful to work with!"
Client anonyme évalué il y a environ 2 mois
"Consistently, outstanding work"
Image de profilJoyful Toys évalué il y a environ 2 mois
"Great great great designer!! Very easy to work with."
Client anonyme évalué il y a 2 mois
"Just keeps getting better! Thank you Holiday!"
Client anonyme évalué il y a 3 mois
"Holiday26 is the best, super helpful, very talented and responsive designer .We've worked with her a few times and wouldn't hesitate to work again in the future!"
Client anonyme évalué il y a 3 mois