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I am a professional graphic designer with more than 10 years of experience. I like to generate symbolic ideas...
Freelancing is my main occupation .I've been doing font design lately.
I love my job ! :)

Pays: Russie, Fédération de. Membre depuis: 1 novembre 2007


"Great design, amazing efforts, top collaboration!"
Image de profilKristien.noblessz examiné il y a 2 mois
"Tanya knew exactly what I wanted from the first moment. She created a nice logo, which was exactly tailored to my wishes. She brought up ideas that I would never have thought of. The website was designed in exactly the same way: uncomplicated and with p..."
Image de profilDaniela L. examiné il y a 3 mois
"fast and really good jobs, we could work together for a long time. best regards"
Image de profilchristian.arnezeden examiné il y a 7 mois
"99 designs works really good, the designer Foal was really fast and made really good looking designs. Thank you very much."
Client anonyme examiné il y a 9 mois
"Great working with Foal. Solid designer! Responsive and Professional"
Image de profilcjking92 examiné il y a 9 mois
"Very pleased with our design "
Client anonyme examiné il y a plus d'un an
"Great service thankyou. Would recommend."
Client anonyme examiné il y a environ 2 ans
"She did a superb job and was responsive to suggestions."
Image de profilelviejosf examiné il y a environ 2 ans
"I really enjoyed working with Foal. Super quick on adjustments and demonstrated a strong understanding of the design brief in her proposals. Will be happy to work with her again in the future."
Client anonyme examiné il y a plus de 2 ans
"Very talented and quick designer... We will continue working with this designer"
Image de profilerolzeren examiné il y a environ 3 ans
"Foal is very talented, creative, and hard working designer. Foal has done wonderful job providing us the designs we needed. Foal has been also very easy to work. We will sure work with Foal again"
Client anonyme examiné il y a plus de 3 ans
"I like your style of design. Modern and clean, but imaginative enough to create a creative illustration (Not to mention my product is hard). Im sure, the designer must pay attention on my brief"
Image de profilHarrymranata examiné il y a plus de 3 ans
"This was our first experience with 99 designs so we were still learning the process, but Tatyana was patient and gave us lots of designs options. Of all the designers, she stood out in creating personality with the designs she created. "
Client anonyme examiné il y a plus de 3 ans
"Fantastic work! Very responsive and helpful with changes. We are very happy with the result."
Image de profilgtgproducts examiné il y a presque 4 ans
"Great designer to work with!"
Client anonyme examiné il y a environ 4 ans
"foalart did a logo for our business and her work is excellent. This is the second time I have used foalart and will always come back!"
Image de profilcoachleah examiné il y a plus de 4 ans
"Once again, Tanya exceeding our expectations! She is a wonderful and receptive designer. Thank you! :) "
Image de profilSparkleberryswag3 examiné il y a presque 5 ans
"Foalart is a phenomenal artist! She worked very closely with me to meet and exceed my standards. Thank you for taking such great care in your work for our project! "
Client anonyme examiné il y a presque 5 ans
"Outstanding work! Tanya read the brief for our logo design and got it right away. Her work was the clear winner from the start and, with subsequent revisions we were just happier and happier. We couldn't recommend her highly enough!"
Image de profilbrooke b2 examiné il y a environ 5 ans
"Foalart is incredibly talented and an absolute pleasure to work with. I could not have asked for a better designer. She worked night and day to make my design perfect -- exactly the way I wanted it. I looked forward to working with her in the future a..."
Image de profilazitadecoco examiné il y a plus de 5 ans
"Was a very prompt designer, worked thru changes and adjustments very quickly.... would recommend again. Thank You"
Image de profilMmendez examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"I was extremely happy when this design came through, I had received a number of designs and had decided on one though really wasn't 100% happy with it, at the last minute this one came through and I was stoked! Thanks"
Image de profilactionbs examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Great design, exactly what I'd hoped for. Very responsive to fixing tiny details for me!"
Image de profilDal59pal57 examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Foalart made a great design - then went the extra mile by showing me what the logo would look like in print. I am very happy with the effort and the design. A million thanks. Namaste! - TLL"
Image de profilChampion.massage.email examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Foalart was fantastic to work with - has some brilliantly creative ideas, took every suggestion and comment on board in the feedback process and provided me with fantastic results in the end!"
Image de profilSW Equestrian examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Great design. Quick to respond to comments. Positive experience!"
Image de profilMelissarud examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Foalart does great work, very happy with the results and timely delivery:)"
Image de profildopps2k examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Foalart was a pleasure to work with. Responded quickly to my comments and went the extra mile to make the logo exactly what i was looking for. Thanks"
Image de profilAdam77781 examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Very good and creative work. Friendly designer!"
Image de profilcim-cologne examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Amazing result! I now have a beautiful logo for my new business thanks to Foalart. I couldn't be happier with her work, she easily gave me the simple, elegant, classy design I was looking for and was more than happy to help me perfect it! Thanks Foalart!"
Image de profilShana_Michelle examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Foalart is an amazing designer and extremely talented. Foalart created multiple versions of my logo and all of them are outstanding. Great choices in color, icon, fonts, etc. I had a wonderful experience dealing with Foalart. Thank you very much! Wil..."
Image de profilEchoWorldInc examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Amazing job - exactly what I was looking for!"
Image de profilJillmclarnon examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Thanks!! Great to work With you. Love Your design. Thanks again."
Image de profilLizmonica examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Great design, the favourite from our internal poll of 30 people in the industry. Thanks Foalart for and original concept."
Image de profilEquimgr examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"This designer immediately came up with a creative, clean equine logo design incorporating our CV brand in the most unique representation of an Arabian horse. This logo is attractive both close up and at a distance and truly a unique original logo desig..."
Image de profilbuyarabians examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"Foalart created a fantastic design for us and was a total pro from start to finish. I would happily work with her again. Thank you 99Designs for creating a marketplace where we could find a designer with a great combination of talent and professional st..."
Image de profilmrb46 examiné il y a presque 6 ans