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UI / UX Consultant and Designer by day, Games artist and dev by night.

Membre depuis: 26 octobre 2010
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"Excellent designer with very quick response - I highly recommend! "
Image de profilacbZ examiné il y a 8 mois
"One of the most professional and talented designers I worked with over the last 20 years. His design and touch is amazing . No matter how many revisions we asked for, the response was fast and professional. We will with no doubt continue working togethe..."
Client anonyme examiné il y a presque 2 ans
"D.Jiang is very professional and goes above and beyond to make his clients happy. His work is top notch and he has a good eye to take things to the next level. If you want someone that will give you professional quality and have designs that stand out, ..."
Image de profilCatherine99x examiné il y a plus de 2 ans
"DJ has exceeded our expectations from start to finish. It's rare to find a designer that follows instructions so well. Will definitely hire him for future projects."
Client anonyme examiné il y a plus de 3 ans
"D. Jiang gave us exactly what we asked for and even made a last minute change for us. Excellent to work with!"
Image de profilbrandyX examiné il y a presque 4 ans
"Great to work with, a real visionary!"
Client anonyme examiné il y a environ 4 ans
"great job on the project"
Client anonyme examiné il y a environ 4 ans
"It was a real pleasure working with D. Jiang. He is a high skilled professional with the ability to quickly transform requirements to beautiful designs. I would definitely recommend working with him."
Client anonyme examiné il y a presque 6 ans
"D. Jiang created the final design for one of our games, and did a great job, both creatively and with our feedback. Very pleasant to work with, and the end result is great and well structured. "
Image de profilBenjaminsen examiné il y a environ 6 ans
"This was a tricky job designing a new skin for a computer game. Jiang was very good at understanding what needed to be done and very helpful getting it right."
Image de profilmica w examiné il y a environ 6 ans
" Combines great talent and hard work - the result speaks for itself!"
Image de profilOz.trachtman examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Dicky was one of the most talented, creative and respectful designers I've ever worked with. He was cooperative, paid lots of attention to details and was very efficient in creating designs. Ultimately, Dicky help envision and design an outstanding appl..."
Image de profilbluebobbo examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Does fast, prompt, and excellent work. I highly recommend this designer for any graphic job, especially mobile application design."
Image de profilFishingtonstudios examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Awesome job, super work and very fast, a nice dud too :)"
Image de profilRenegadeCitizen examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Talented designer, very professional and packaged designs meticulously! "
Image de profilNaked Development examiné il y a environ 7 ans