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Hi, my name is Ade Christnadhi, I am 28 and I am a web & graphic designer based in Yogyakarta – Indonesia. Just call me Ade! I'm having a passion for creating minimal, clean, fast, and user friendly websites. I believe website is not only a design on the screen. Create a website is to create an experience.

Pays: Indonésie. Membre depuis: 7 janvier 2009
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"Great! Quick and easy with usual great quality."
Client anonyme
"Nice work as ever."
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"Great Job Ade, as always"
Client anonyme
"Great job as always. High quality and fast."
Client anonyme
"Excellent as always"
Client anonyme
"Great job, high quality and very responsive."
Client anonyme
"Excellent as always"
Client anonyme
"Great job, very responsive"
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"Great job by Ade, understood the brief quickly, iterated well and came up with a great design. "
Client anonyme
"Great work! Enjoyable project. Thanks for your help"
Client anonyme
"Appreciate all the work Ade. "
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"Really happy with Ade's work. He has been able to take our scribbles and convert them into something beautiful."
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"Really thought Ade did a great job on this especially given the crude designs we handed him. He really nailed the design."
Client anonyme
"Adechriz did awesome work, was very responsive and a joy to work with."
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