Book cover
Book cover
Can you give my characters the love they need?  Illustration lovin' needed for 3 savvy characters.
The Archon Sigil Trilogy: Book 1:The Sigil Blade, by Jeff Wilson
Create a book cover for a fictional historical war novel set in Russia in 1812
Please, make a fantastic eyecatcher for my book "Savin Avalon"
Dr. Abbott
Create an ebook cover for children - first of a trilogy
DRAW or PAINT our beautiful fairy character and her dandelion garden
Illustrate a new Childrens book for Christmas
Guaranteed - Illustration for romantic anniversary gift!
A cute goat peers over a cliff. Fun and adventure, Harry Potter type of book.

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Client anonyme examiné il y a environ un an
"Fantastic designer, its the second time I have used him and both times he has exceeded expectations. 10/10 Top Designer."
Client anonyme examiné il y a plus d'un an
"Swarley did a great job with my design. It's clean, simple, and conveys what I had envisioned. "
Image de profilmattweissauthor examiné il y a plus de 5 ans
"This artist is AMAZING!!!"
Image de profilmatthew.e.wilkinson examiné il y a plus de 6 ans
"Artist did a great job. I would have no problem working with this designer again."
Image de profilMgibson81 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Swarley perfectly captured my concept and differentiated his design by creating original artwork that far exceeded my every expectation. I can not compliment him enough, and I sincerely appreciated the professionalism he brought to every interaction dur..."
Image de profilarchon 0 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Designer was spot on with only one submission. Easy and friendly to work with! Pia"
Image de profilPia.ault examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Besides excellent artistic talent, Swarley prove to have good technical understanding and an intuitive adaptability. Congrats to a job well done!"
Image de profilPeter92188 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"I am really happy with this designers work. I was very picky and asked for a lot of changes, the designer was patient and the end result is something I really like."
Image de profilSophia_aron examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Very quick with responses and quick to organize handover of documents. Gave .ai, .psd, .pdf and font files in the handover without question."
Image de profilJill134 examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"I am SO HAPPY with Swarley Stinson!! Not only did he create an amazing design, but he was an absolute pleasure to deal with both before and after the contest ended. He was patient and attentive to our creative needs and my father and I are absolutely ..."
Image de profilToopey examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Swarley took a rough design brief and breathed magic and intuition into it. I had literally gone through 3 other designers, and couldn't find anyone who just "got" me. I can't tell you the deep sigh of relief when even his rough design came over. Each s..."
Image de profilRedkarryn examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Great job on our infographic! With limited instructions, this designer created a cool, dynamic design that really captured what we were thinking. I would absolutely recommend!"
Image de profilchrisalgiere examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"Swarley was an excellent designer.Responsive, creative and talented. I strongly recommend him."
Image de profilrobert 9u examiné il y a environ 7 ans
"This is the third time we have awarded Swarley the prize in straight contests, its not just that we like his style, the quality of his work really is standout and noticeably better than the competitors in our contests. He has an eye for detail and a co..."
Image de profilalex 76 examiné il y a environ 7 ans