Create the next business or advertising for Wire Jewelry Bootcamp LLC
CrowdSavings.com needs a new postcard or flyer
Create a sleek Condo flyer for Intercontinental Capital
Green Paws Chicago LLC needs a new postcard or flyer
New brochure design wanted for MediMizer, Inc Software
Highly publicized event poster design needed
Create the next postcard or flyer for Strategic  Wealth Solutions
Siam Laser Clinic (beauty clinic) needs a new brochure design
Wedding DJ/Photo Booth Flyer (Hand out at Bridal Shows -every photo provided)
Help Trading Metals with a new brochure design
Create the next brochure design for Welcome Funds
New brochure design wanted for TEEMA Solutions Group

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"I have worked with Elsa a number of times. Why? Because she's the best! Highly responsive and creative. Stop searching. Hire her."
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"Have worked with Elsa on many projects over several years. She's simply fantastic--responsive, creative, and helpful."
Client anonyme
"I have worked with Elsa dozens of time. She's the best!"
Client anonyme
"Elsa is top-notch. I am a happy repeat customer!"
Client anonyme
"Rumster is fantastic. Highly responsive, creative. We have worked together on numerous projects and I hope to continue!"
Client anonyme
"Elsa is a creative and highly responsive designer. I have worked with her several times before, always with great results."
Client anonyme
"3rd project in 3 years, gets easier and faster to work with Elsa everytime. Thanks!"
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"I have worked with Elsa many times and will continue to do so. She is creative, skilled, and responsive."
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"Happy with the work."
Client anonyme
"She's the best! Professional and super reliable!!!"
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"Rumster did a very good job for us on several different design projects."
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"Elsa is top notch. We have worked together before and hopefully will again!"
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"Very easy to work with. Clear and prompt communication. Very good designs. Have used Rumster a number of times and found the designs often have little touches other designers just don't seem to think of. These little touches make all the difference. I ..."
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"Excellent work on our flier! Very nice."
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"Thank you so much for working with us on a new brochure for our hotel. We have had the same brochure for far too many years and you were so great to work with during and after the contest ended. This was my first time using 99 designs and I will use i..."
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"Elsa is a pleasure to work with. She has great designs and is prompt (and accomodating) when it comes to making the finished product your own."
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"Creative, responsive and cooperative. Great Job!"
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"Great job!"
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"I can highly recommend rumster. She did a great job for us and she was very cooperative and flexible during the whole creative process."
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"I am extremely pleased with rumster! Her work was creative, dynamic, serious, and had graphic flow and intelligence. She always responded with great timeliness. I absolutely love the final product."
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"Really great job. I am really happy with the design and the process was so easy. I will definitely use you again on a future design. THANKS!! "
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"Rumster was awesome to work with. Happy to help after the contest had finished with little tweaks until the design was perfect. Thank you!"
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"Very professional!"
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"Great communication and willing to do what it takes to get it perfect. Awesome experience with the designer. Thanks!"
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"Rumster carefully read my brief, understood what I was trying to achieve, listened and took note of feedback as we went along, and was receptive to my suggestions while also using initiative on various design elements. Rumster has a very happy client here."
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"Awesome job! Incredibly impressed with this designer!"
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"Rumster was great to work with. Understood the project needs and requirements, was super creative, accomodating to my feedback and worked very fast. I highly recommend Rumster for design work! Great working with you!"
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"5 Star Designer, Thank you."
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"Rumster did a great job for us!"
Image de profilGreenPawsChicago CMO
"great support--great designs---very helpful and fast---loved the process....THANK YOU!!!"
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"Fantastic designs. She even incorporated images from my website into the design I thought was very clever. I have used 99 designs extensively and I usually have to ask them to make slight changes. This was perfect from the start I didnt have to make one..."
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"Great designer. One of the only ones who actually read my instructions and understood my needs. This designer did everything that was asked."
"We love our business cards and flyer that Rumster did. Quick handover and files were prepped to our specs. Would highly recommend and plan to use Rumster in the future for our print design needs."
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"This designer has won two of my projects in the last month (including this one) and has been GREAT to work with! Beautiful work, very responsive, and just an overall pleasure. I hope to have many more opportunities to request work in the future!"
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"This designer did a brilliant job on our brochure. She required minimal guidance or direction to meet the objectives of our design brief. We are very happy with our brochure."
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"Very good and timely communication as well as managing the review comments"
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"Excellent work!"
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"Good experience. Very responsive and thorough!"
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"She has been efficient. "
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"Very well designed. Responded to feedback very quickly."
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"Rumster did a great job will hopefully work with them on future jobs!"
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"Great design, easy to deal with in making minor alternations"
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"Great work. Very responsive to feedback. Good experience!"
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"Great communication skills, talented designer. Good work all around!"
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"GREAT work and wonderful communication. We will be back for more.!"
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"This designer is good at listening to your needs and translating the information you provide into a clean, functional, appealing design. Good communicator, patient with revisions, and adds the right amount of creative input to help make your project bet..."
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"Elsa rocked! Responded to every message within just a few minutes, and perfectly understood our vision and goals with the project. Cannot recommend rumster enough! "
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"Great designer! Will exceed your expectations on any job!"
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"Rumster is an outstanding designer who modified the design about 10 times to ensure it was perfect."
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"Very good work Rumster! i'm happy....."
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"Can you e-mail the files to me? I am having a issue of saving the files, passing them to my peers, and my peers & saved files don't have access to them. I am very happy with your work and if you need a refferal, just let me know!"
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"Great job! Exactly what I wanted."
Image de profilDavevass
"This was an incredible design and everything we were looking for! Thank you so much!"
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"The designer showed some great work and made corrections immediately and according to my wants. I am super happy with the result!"
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"Very responsive to edit requests; each version was an improvement over the last, with minimal comments to establish a clear design goal. When prompted to generate new elements consistent with the overall concept, the additions were clean and seamlessly ..."
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"Most outstanding entry of all that came in. Designer was very patient with the further requests made. Great flyer. 100% improvement on the one I was using."
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"Great designer. Very good to work with. Thank you"
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"Very professional. I appreciated the timely responses and willingness to work odd hours to ensure the project was completed by the (short) deadline. Also very responsive to feedback, incorporated all suggestions accurately and promptly. Thanks for a gre..."
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"Excellent and a pleasure to work with. Will certainly work with again!"
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