Divorce Boss
Highly Suspect
Silver Ring Thing
Scifi book cover for Forever Ahead, a transhumanist novel
Maurizio Marchetti - Label
Sanguis et Gem
A.M. Transport Vivid Vision
Lighten Up!
Mail Order Bride: Westward Winds
Eastpoint Wine Label 2015

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"Great design once again, the third time we have worked together - thanks very much!"
Image de profilmickeymayhew
"Excellent and timely"
Image de profilscott_s
"great designer will work with him in the future"
Client anonyme
"A very creative designer, his work was excellent and unlike the other designers I worked with."
Image de profilevanoT
" Dan is the Man."
Image de profilDaryl Willmore
"He is perfect!! Creativity, High Quority, Speedy. I want to work with him again."
Image de profilban.fukyo
"It's the response is very quick and that the proposal authority is so rich that I worked with him and felt this time. thank you Dan!"
Client anonyme
"Great job from a great Designer"
Image de profilfocus.ls212
"Der Designer Dan Cruceanu entwarf das Buchcover zu meinem Krimi und Enthüllungsroman "Scrittura Segreta" und gewann den Wettbewerb verdient. Er verstand es, die wesentlichen Elemente des Romans im Cover zu vereinen. Ich bin sehr zufrieden sowohl mit der..."
Image de profilinfo Hsr
"I had wonderful working experience with danc. First of all, his initial design was fresh and surprising. He was also very diligent about taking feedback and integrating my notes into new designs. He was also very quick to respond with new work and a var..."
Image de profilmattyshapiro
"Working with Dan was a great experience. He was very responsive and willing to provide updates and changes as I worked through the project. Upon finishing we worked out an additional project which was a continuation of the original contest. Dan was v..."
Image de profilmmckinney 0
"Great experience. Danc made all the changes I needed and came up with a very original concept."
Image de profilJulieAnneGhostwriter
"I like my book thank to danc He has done everything to satisfy me Martine Robillard teacher from Canada"
Image de profilSeptum67