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I graduated from the High school public Corvisart-Tolbiac Des Arts graphiques (Lycée professionnel public Corvisart-Tolbiac des Arts graphiques) in Paris, France. For twenty-five years, I worked as graphic editor in a regional newspaper in Croatia. In the same company, I worked as a graphic designer in making books, brochures, logos and various advertising materials. I recently became Freelancer. I published a few short comics, it's my favourite hobby.

Pays: Croatie. Membre depuis: 7 mai 2018
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"Excellent work! "
Image de profilbrettsigworth examiné il y a 7 mois
"Fantastic talent. Fast, reliable, honest. Great experience. "
Client anonyme examiné il y a 9 mois
"Great to work with Designer - very acurate and creative. Thanks"
Image de profilpostdy examiné il y a 10 mois
"Very responsive and capable. Happy with the work. Might use again in the future."
Client anonyme examiné il y a 10 mois
"AM&K Did a fantastic job! Very quick and attentive to my needs. Design turnaround was fast and on-point. We hope to work together again."
Image de profilmattuF examiné il y a plus de 2 ans
"Great creativity and following the existing style of the artwork"
Client anonyme examiné il y a environ 3 ans