Label oncept for a Chamomile Gin
Abstract logo concept for a coffee brand
Logo concept for a new wine brand for Japanese market
Logo concept for a coffee bar in Moscow
simple yet playfull packaging for socks
coffee roaster logo
Logo concept for a new wine brand
Modern logo for brewery
Sparkling wine label concept
Minimalist logo concept for a restaurant.
Flat version of label for a Chamomile gin
Logo concept for educational workshops and networking events

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I’m a profesional graphic designer with a passion for what i do. Specializing in visual identity for gastronomy projects. Open to 1-1 Projects.

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"It was a wonderful experience. 100% getting into what I wanted. I am very grateful to the designer for the work and I can not wait to work on the next project."
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"I think this is a special and creative design. Our team is satisfied with this designer. I look forward to the opportunity to cooperate again."
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