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"You did a spectacular job. I really appreciate how you took the initiative to come up with several different design concepts and your keen attention to detail! You were great to work with, and I will definitely keep you on my short list for future work!"
Image de profilgearytW examiné il y a 6 jours
"Thank you GearytW :)"
Image de profilm.creative répondu il y a 6 jours
"Great designer to work with. Loved the winning design!"
Client anonyme examiné il y a 3 mois
"Easiest 5-star rating ever! m.creative was true to his username -- *remarkably* creative in the variety of his designs -- but beyond that, he was communicative, responsive, and wonderfully patient with all the tweaks I wanted to try. I would recommend m..."
Image de profilmelvirginis examiné il y a 3 mois
"m.creative has been wonderful to work with. His design was our clear favorite from the beginning and he's been very accommodating to all of our changes. We're thrilled with the results and you will be too. Thanks again!"
Image de profilbillk0629 examiné il y a 4 mois
"Macros was a great designer. His communication was prompt, clear and he was very open to feedback."
Client anonyme examiné il y a 4 mois
"It was a pleasure working with Macros. He is very patient and open to feedback. His work is fast and of high quality."
Client anonyme examiné il y a 5 mois
"Great job in reflecting my vision for the cover. One final change: Ensure my photo shows my full head and not cut off at the top. "
Image de profilcmpierceR examiné il y a 5 mois
"The design was clean and well executed. I would have enjoyed a flat image in order to ensure 100% proof reading. The image was sent on rounded surface which was great for the visual effect. All in all the label was very well done."
Image de profiljacquelinei examiné il y a plus d'un an
"Great to work with and fast turn arounds."
Image de profilsenithomas1 examiné il y a plus d'un an
"Thanks for the design!"
Image de profilevan rs examiné il y a plus de 3 ans
"Very well done, we love the new logo."
Image de profilbenjaminTx examiné il y a plus de 3 ans
"Great job. The design met my need."
Client anonyme examiné il y a presque 4 ans
"Hello All, m.creative has done a really awesome job with my start up Logo! From the first benevolent message I received from him, until the quick upload of the datas, this guy understands both the art of Working and his work as art. Unique designs, ..."
Client anonyme examiné il y a plus de 5 ans
"Marcos is a very nice guy and a true designer. Creative, thoughtful and skillful, which is very hard to find on this platform. I'm extremely happy to have worked with him, love the logo he created for me. My contest had 867 entries from 40-60 Designers ..."
Image de profilbernhardneumann examiné il y a plus de 5 ans
"Marcos is a bad ass!! Seriously... I needed smart and sexy and thats what I got... So now time to turn his beautiful design into some sales... Thanks Marcos.. You were easy to work with and really impressed me.. "
Image de profilmike 4V examiné il y a plus de 5 ans