Limone Liqueur Ciccheto
Arty and Eclectic Wine Label
Wine label for Simple Wines
Eco Conscious label for premier vodka
Award winning Gin label
Arty and Eclectic Wine Label Design
West Coast Whiskey
Double Barrel Wine
Walker Hills Wine
Four Daughters Whisky

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"Our project was complex, and we greatly appreciated Luciano's patience and ability to work with us. Looking forward to future projects with him too. "
Client anonyme examiné il y a 3 mois
"Extremely creative and responsive. Very easy to work with."
Client anonyme examiné il y a 5 mois
"Great as always. best designer and creative on 99designs"
Image de profillancetteA examiné il y a 5 mois
"Luciano was amazing! From the first day of the contest to the last he was our favorite designer. He reached out immediately to get to know us and vice versa. He put together so many designs for us and so many different options. He was always available t..."
Image de profillancetteA examiné il y a 6 mois
"Incredible work, we are 1000% happy with Luciano and his work. We will definitely get back with him when we have further demand. Great designer, great work, always quick implementation of wishes and perfect communication. Great recommendation!"
Client anonyme examiné il y a 8 mois
"Beautiful design! It would be better to say actually beautiful designs! During the final part of the contest LABELL gave me so many different solutions, so appreciated! "
Image de profiltommasocanella examiné il y a 10 mois
"Grazie mille Tommaso! It's a pleasure to work with you!"
Image de profilLABELL® répondu il y a 10 mois
"Great to work with. Very happy with the out come."
Image de profiljohCw examiné il y a 12 mois
"Wonderful clean design, super responsive, top-class work!"
Image de profilpaulmh examiné il y a environ un an
"LABELL was masterful at taking our brief / concept and creating design that was more than we had envisioned. The design fit our project perfectly. "
Image de profilmik7n examiné il y a plus d'un an