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We are a premier design studio offering our services here for the last few years. Ours victories and client testimonials depict our quality of work.

Pays: Indonésie. Membre depuis: 14 avril 2015


"Awesome and fast. Thanks again JosS."
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"Great design. Very responsive."
Client anonyme
"JosS has been helping us for the last few years. We are very busy and we really appreciate the quick response and great work we have received. JosS is so easy to work with. We highly recommend JosS DesiGn."
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"Another fine job. Thanks JsS!"
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"JsS DesiGn has helped us out on many projects. We like how quickly JsS will make changes and tweaks to our designs. We often make minor changes and JsS is always patient and responsive to our requests. Thank You JsS"
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"Jos designed our company logo, business cards and real estate signs. We have also come back to JosS for additional work since then and we will continue to come back to JosS. They do a great job and they are easy to work with."
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"This designer did an incredible job. Surpassed my expectations on two levels. First, regarding insight - excellent headwork, creativeness and listening skills - and this is very important when working in an online marketplace. Second, extremely responsi..."
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"Once chosen as our Winning 60 Year Anniversary Design, JosS DesiGn was very accommodating to make the fine-tuning adjustments necessary to bring the package together in both a timely and professional manner. WELL DONE!"
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"Excellent designer. Easy to work with and takes direction well. Will work with again!"
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"Outstanding. Very good work and very easy to work with. "
Client anonyme
"Quick response times, professional, I highly recommend Joss Design"
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"great job. I am glad we were able to change and edit during finals."
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"This was a 1-1 project with JosS Design. We cose Jos because of the great job he did on our logo. Thank You Jos we look forward to future projects with you."
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"JosS DesiGn esceeded our expectations. The response and promptness made the entire process stress free. We are planning futures 1 on 1's because we are very confident in JosS Design's creative ability. Thank You very much gor the great experience."
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"I am very pleased with my experience with JosS DesiGn. Exceptional quality designs and excellent communication. "
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"Very nice job! "
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"The job is good and the design is very meaningful."
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