Contest Limitation

While we proactively review accounts daily, we also host open application periods throughout the year for all designers interested in having their contest limitation removed. This will be the only time that designers can apply directly to have their contest limitation lifted.

Stay tuned for our next application period!

What is Contest Limitation?

At 99designs, quality and trust within our design community are of the utmost importance. As a way to motivate new and emerging designers to improve their skill sets, we set limits on contest participation.

Therefore, designers are limited to 10 contests per month until 99designs has reviewed their portfolio, onsite performance and professionalism to determine the limit can be lifted. After the limitation is lifted, designers may enter as many contests as they’d like.  

How does Contest Limitation work?

The current limit for designers is 10 contests in any 28 day period. Each of these 10 contests is on a rolling counter, meaning the contests don't all "reset" at once.

It may help to think in terms of these as 10 open "slots". 28 days after you have used one of your slots, it will become available again. This method is used to avoid a rush at the end of a calendar month.

Why am I limited?

All new designers are limited after sign up by default. 

Designers that signed up on 99designs prior to Contest Limitation have also been reviewed and may still be limited. These emerging designers still need to demonstrate an advanced level of our required criteria (listed below).

Time on site is not a factor in contest limitation.

How do I become unlimited?

Contest limitation is based on how well a designer performs on the following criteria:

Designer quality

  • Technical Execution: How strong your design program skills are, and whether you deliver the correct files.

  • Knowledge of Design Principles: How well you execute typography, visual hierarchy, composition and color in your designs.

  • Professionalism: Exceptional attitude, communication and politeness with clients and fellow designers.

  • Conceptual Thought: How well you avoid generic, and submit designs with creative concepts.

Adherence to 99designs' site policies

Designers are regularly reviewed by 99designs to determine whether they demonstrate a higher than basic level of the criteria listed above.

A few times per year, we also host a week-long open enrollment period where designers can directly apply to have their limitation lifted. These are the only times designers will be able to submit their portfolio and request to become unlimited.

How do I improve my design quality?

We’re so glad you asked! Below are some of our best articles and resources to help improve your design skills.