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I'm looking for an eye-catching, professional, and fully coded design for my museum's main website. Our intent is to run the whole website in Wordpress for the CMS features. Minimal graphics, more focus on html//css.

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Byron Museum of History

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I’m looking for an attractive and professional redesign of my museum's website (http:/// I am wanting to use Wordpress as my whole website to take advantage of the cms features; one element will include a blog, but the other pages will just be pages.

The design should be delivered in HTML/CSS.

Ideally, the design would be submitted as 2 "templates" - 1 for the front page of the site, and a 2nd, more standard design for all secondary pages (which I will then use for the rest of the site).

The redesign should be either 1 or 2 columns with a header and a footer. I tend to prefer dropdown navigations such as what is seen here: or If not using a dropdown, the main objective is that the navigation should be extremely clear and easy for folks to navigate. This is a small town in the midwest, and the people here tend to be quite conservative and not yet very tech-savvy. So, no need to be too fancy - just clean & clear.

Header:The header would ideally incorporate our logo, which can be found at

Feel free to modify the colours of the logo to fit in with the design.

There are also a number of images from our town (Byron) which could be used either as part of the header or within the site itself. They are in my Flickr album at…696072398/

Feel free to use any of the images in our gallery in the header or in your design.
Navigational LinksSame as at
Main BodyWill consist of 1 or 2 columns. I do not like really narrow body areas. It doesn't necessarily need to be a fixed width design, but I like to see the widest body area that is possible within the modern constraints of accessibility. If using 2 columns, the narrower column (or sidebar) would include a number of Wordpress widgets including google calendar events, flickr photo badges, etc.
"Body" ColumnWill accommodate all the existing content and will adapt to the width of your browser
FooterSimple - just the copyright, address of the museum, link to webmaster.

Thanks in advance and good luck!


- Clean, clear design that won't look too "techy" for people in a small town, but will look professional
- Very readable content + obvious navigational elements
- "Clean" Html/CSS so I could easily go in later and change small features of the design if necessary
- :Look & Feel consistent with our new logo (located at

Ne veut pas

- Excessive graphics - some are okay, but I want my page to be more focused on CSS and text
- Narrow body
- Too small text

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