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$355 WordPress design- SEO Consulting Site

SEO Canada avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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I\\\'m looking for an uncoded Wordpress design. It needs to be professional looking, with an upscale brand image - slightly expensive, but within reach of the middle class. Colours will have to match those in my logo. The logo is already created.

Note: I\'m now offering $355 prize for the skin. I couldn\'t find where to edit it in the details, but I\'ve increased the prize money. You can see my buyer ratings as seo montreal on or as gsquares on ebay, which are all positive.

Nom de la marque


Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

SEO without ROI is money wasted. SEO ROI - Because leaders demand results.

Desired Color Scheme:
silver and blue, like my logo, with black text on white background

Desired Style:
Professional, clean, branded, upscale.

Accepted File Formats:
.psd, .jpg

My logo is visible in the following locations, with a variation or two. You can try downloading the psd, but I\\\\\\\'m not sure if it will work. The design should fit with the fonts and colours of the logo.

<a href=\"\"><a href=\\\"\\\"><a href=\"\">
<a href=\"\"><a href=\"\">

*****I wasn\'t sure if fonts and a few things were in design or had to do with me getting this coded; if they are about code and not graphic design, just skip those points.*****

My requirements are:

1. Clean, upscale FONTS for headers and titles like in the logo (I think it\'s Times New Roman or some similar font), and a different clean font for the main body of text (MS Word\'s Estrangelo Edessa/Gautami is more or less what I\'m looking for).

2. FONT size default is easily legible; people should not need to use control and the mousewheel to adjust it.

3. Horizontal NAVIGATION menu at the top. These should be text links, but I\'d like them to have a background so they look like images. See #9 below for more details.

4. NAVIGATION at the bottom in text links, which won\'t necessarily contain the same links as the horizontal bar at the top. I want to be able to add a link to the top and not to the bottom (& vice versa).

5. Left-hand navigation for SUBMENUS. For instance, clicking on a link in the main horizontal menu (see #3 above) should bring up a page with left-hand nav menu for subpages. Like\'s about.

6. Space in the top level nav to add more links without breaking teh design.

7. Breadcrumb navigation for subpages and for the blog posts. (Show where it would be)

8. COLOUR scheme will be blues and silvers/greys, with normal black text on white background. It should reflect the professional, classy, elegant feel. Some yellow/red/orange can be thrown in to warm things up, but the main colours should be blues and silver.
I like as far as branding your colours goes, but I\'d need some whitespace too, like

9. Have 1-2 distinct boxes where I can fill in call-to-action copy/images/other content. These need to be eye-catching and in the upper left area, above the fold but below my logo and [text] tagline. The orange box on the left of is a good example. (note: I don\\\\\\\'t want an image of text, I want some kind of image on which I can write. Think of a blackboard - it\'s this big black picture, but you can fill in text over it.)

10. ORIGINAL CSS and graphics: Thanks, but if you\'re gonna buy a template and present it to me as original, I\'m not interested- I can do that myself .

11. No stock images. Either make them yourself, or put something else there (background graphic, text block etc). I don\'t need generic corporate people in suits on my site.

12) Professional looking graphics are de rigueur. Anything even slightly amateurish takes away from the credibility of the site.

13) No \"site design by... anywhere.\"

14) Titles and subtitles should be the same shade of blue or silver as the logo (you can make both titles and subtitles blue or silver, or titles one colour and subtitles the other colour).
Any rollover effects on links etc should also have these colours. Having the circle S of the logo in the center top of boxes is a nice branding effect
idea as well. See for an example - their nut icon.

15) No excessive white background - this looks amateurish/home-made. See <a href=\"\"> and for examples.
Colours and branding should be more obvious. For a good example of this, see However, I do want a reasonable amount of whitespace. The ideal is
a middle ground between and

16) Zero highlighter effect, in any colour. If someone wants to highlight text, let them click and drag. Nothing
should be pre-highlighted, as this looks spammy and unprofessional.

X. The a:hover element be similar to that in WP\'s Anthurium mix, in that hovering over a link turns the background a different colour (silver or blue).

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