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Nom de la marque

YellowBrickRoad Financial Advisors [Note: YellowBrickRoad is one word.]


YellowBrickRoad Financial Advisors is a personal financial advisory firm deeply and intensely dedicated to the achievement and preservation of our client’s personal financial independence.

Our highest accomplishment is when clients exclaim they’re completely grateful that we’re on their financial life journey.

The firm's name is inspired by the film Wizard of Oz. There is much symbolism in this film about life's journey. The 'yellow brick road' symbolizes each person's 'road' aim to get where we want to go in life. The film reminds us that the journey requires courage, heart, intelligence. Overcomings fears and obstacles. Depending on others. So, too, our financial life journey. Our mission as a personal financial advisory firm is to be a difference maker along a client's financial life journey.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

The firm provides deeply personal financial advice to individuals, families, small business owners focused on achieving financial independence.

Financial independence is getting to that place in life when earning an income is entirely a choice and there are adequate financial resources for a desired lifestyle forever thereafter.

We empower each client to see their financial life as an 'business' to be managed everyday. They're the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Our role is to be the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Their Personal CFO. There are six areas of a financial life - - financial position (cash flow, cash reserves), protection (diability, death), investment (education, home purchase), retirement (financial independence), tax, and estate (wills, trusts).

As Personal CFO, we become completely and deeply engaged in every facet of a client's financial life with a particular focus on enabling the achievement and preservation of personal financial independence.

Our clients are everyday people who live everywhere on the Planet Earth. They're accomplished at what they do in life and wanting to make sure their accomplishments translate to financial independence.

YellowBrickRoad Financial Advisors is particularly focused on financial independence because the largest segment of the population (i.e. baby boomer generation) is approaching their retirement years.


YellowBrick Road Financial Advisors is creating a website that will be an 'information hub' for both existing and potential clients.

We've attach a concise and detailed creative 'brief' that includes copy/text as well as graphic/visual concepts for each web page. This brief gives clear directions. Designers have absolute freedom to develop other graphic et al. solutions. We respect your amazing talents.

The design concept should support the attached design specifications requirements and be delivered as PSD files that can be used to complete construction of the website.

Also attached is the firm's new logo design. The logo is intentionally not a literal interpretation of a yellow brick road (i.e. no yellow brick road imagery) nor does it have any visual reference to the film Wizard of Oz. This needs to also be honored in the website design. Yellow is not a desired 'central' color for the website. Consider deep and rich blues, greens, and burgundy reds, though we're entirely open.

Branding the firm YellowBrickRoad creates a risk that our audience doesn’t see the seriousness of our mission. We have serious responsibilities in financial lives. Very important to convey confidence, intelligence, and strength in all branding and communication, including the website.

Email us with any questions. We'll promply respond.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page


The Introduction Page is primarily functional. It directs clients to a 'Client Section' and prospective clients to a 'Guest Section'. Copy/text and design concept direction in provided in attached brief.


Copy/text and design concept direction is provided in attached brief for all pages in the Guest Section.

Page One - Guests are directed to this page upon clicking the 'Esteemed Guests' icon on the Introduction Page.

This first page introduces the concept of having a financial life and builds the foundation for the rest of the 'financial life journey' story.

Page Two - The creative concept on page one continues to this second page, which brings the financial advisor into the propsective financial life journey.

Page Three - This page introductes the concept of a Personal CFO Team and provides information on the Personal CFO Team at YellowBrickRoad Financial Advisors.

Page Four - This web page introduces the concept of aligning money to mission and presents the YellowBrickRoad Financial Advisors Mission Statement.


The Client Section will have two screens.

The first is a functional page that enables the client to login to the rest of the Client Section.

The second is a functional page that provides links to other websites providing personal financial information. See attached brief.

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An example of a boring website is The graphic design concept is cold and uninspiring. The information is presented in a dry and uninteresting fashion.

Go to to see a bunch of inspiring websites. We really liked and Not in the sense that we want to copy these sights but examples of sites that have hugely impactful designs that so effectively deliver the brand message.

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