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Nom de la marque


We are a fitness company targeted at cyclists.

We give cyclists workouts for a $10 month subscription fee.

Cyclists will be able to choose from a library of workouts, plan their week and track their fitness as they complete the workouts.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Mostly men 16-60. Cyclists or Triathletes who might compete at a high level or just want to gain fitness for local rides.

These people are type A personalities meaning they see a goal, and they take it. They want things simple with no BS. They will do the work if you show them the way.


I have attached a wire frame and logo. Please grab those.

I want the site to have a 960 px width. Please check out for details about that. Your Photoshop design doesn't have to be pixel perfect for the gutters, but please use white space effectively and keep gutters consistent.

That's up to you. Please use the Black and Red version of the logo. You may invert the black to white if you want the logo against a dark charcoal/black header. The rest of the site is your choice. I do not want a "red" site though.

I will direct you quickly about which colors I like. I check this site many times a day (if not hour).

Simple, Clean, bold

You can use placeholder images for things that will not be in the final design. If you have some great pictures put them in and let me know where I can purchase them.

Lorem Ipsum or Dummy Text is fine. Big text is trending nicely now. See sample websites.

About me
I have 10 years experience making websites. I won't BS you. I want this project looking good and done quickly. I will rate everything and give every design constructive feedback. If you missed the mark I'll let you know right away. If you are good there is lots more work to throw your way. If someone has it but I want them to tweak past the deadline I'll increase the money and extend the contest.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

Homepage - Reference Mock-up

Some type of horizontal navigation. You can be creative from there.

Call to Action/Rotating Image
This is another spot to be creative. You don't have to make it look just like the mockup. I want a nice CTA that has some sort of picture, a watch video link, a take the tour link and a signup now link. Image does not have to rotate. Be creative from here.

Product Feature Section
Again, doesn't have to look just like the mockup. I want some way to navigate through product features.

Ability to list testimonials. Some type of horizontal paging.

Show most recent blog posts

News items or notes

List links. Can be vertical columns or horizontal listing. Your choice

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Exemples de sites web
FANTASTIC site. Good separation of elements with plenty of white space. Call to action is nice, you can't miss the free trial/take tour. Nice use of text size. Uses consistent style/theming throughout the site. If you can only look at one site this is the one to look at. Look through more of the site. Colors; don't copy these please. I do NOT want an exact copy of the site, but this style with some creativity would be nice.
Nice call to action. Good use of text size
Good call to action. Not great though. Good feature list. Don't like the long list of bullets at the bottom.
Great experience feel. Background image makes the page pop. Main feature is engaging how it expands the whole top of the site
Good Clear call to action. I like how the page is separated and there are distinct sections as you scroll down.
Good page seperation. Nice product feature videos on the bottom of the page

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