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Awarding creative and unique ideas for brand new company to support our troops!


Nom de l'entreprise

Adopt A Serviceman

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?




Logo: Corporate Identity

Website: To allow servicemen to post bios as a "potential pen-pal", and for individuals and/or families to adopt them.




Logo: $200

Website: $500

Basic HTML functionality of website: $150

"WOW": $100

Website w/ logo: $700

Website w/ logo, and "WOW": $800

Website functional w/ logo: $850

Website functional w/logo, and "WOW": $950

Please see legal section below.

Summary : Deliverables
Logo Design
Website coded or uncoded
Extra Money -> Optional
Make the website functional: add $150
Make me say "WOW": add $100

-these extra money options are awarded only if the website becomes fully functional (i.e. users can access pages and content easily, and allow a "layman" to maneuver pages seamlessly), and/or I am actually very impressed with the logo design and website design.
Both of these extra money incentives can be awarded or kept, by me, separately or together, and in my discretion to give away or keep if I do not feel the site and/or logo fits into these terms.


Company Background -> Adopt A Serviceman


Serviceman and Supporter Matchmaker

Adopt A Serviceman will be an event company bringing together individuals and families with local military men and women who are being shipped overseas. The goal is to highlight the human aspect of the military man or woman who is deployed to war, away from his or her, friends or family. Through the sponsors, families will be paired up and be able to meet their Soldier, Airman, Sailor, Guard or Marine at a fun family event, before he or she is deployed. They will then continue to support their adopted Serviceman while he is away through letter writing, sending gifts, email, etc.



By entering this contest you agree to the following:

If your Logo or website design is selected, you agree to forward ALL source files and material for the deliverables, to the contest holder, upon payment.

That your logo and/or website design is not a copy or alteration of someone else's logo and/or website design.
If nothing is found to meet our identity strategy, we reserve the right to cancel this contest without awarding a winner.
You are the legal owner of said deliverables, and hold all rights to said deliverables.
You will transfer ownership and all rights of said deliverables to me upon payment.
Full payment of $950 is only paid if all requirements are met to their fullest, and we reserve the right to pay out the lower amounts listed above at our discretion, based on what is completed and is chosen as a winner in the contest.



Adopt A Serviceman is a company based in the USA and currently supports; only the military of our country.  However the soldiers who were born, located, stationed, and/or from places elsewhere than the USA may still be qualified to participate in our program and receive its benefits.  (**Note:  If you create a design to submit to this contest, that may include flags, images, or any other stock relating directly to a military force, please only use those of the USA only.)



One thing that will be unique to this contest is that, this is - and at the same time, is-not just a single logo design. We need a general design that can be tweaked (in color, images, and wording), by you as the designer, to support the different branches of the military. One idea that came up was to have a main logo (for Adopt A Serviceman) that included, either, all of the hats (NOTE: Does not have to be limited to just hats, it can also be medals/vehicles/weapons/etc.) that showed ranking in the military or just a single generic one that would represent all of them without being specific to a single branch. Included in the same idea, after creating the generic logo, would be to create several logos of the same basic layout, however these would be made specific to branches of the military (i.e. Adopt a/an Airman, Sailor, Marine, Soldier, Guard).

We need a logo and website which projects an image of our company as being or representing:

Strength; Not Weakness

Simple; Clean
Shows Action; Not Idleness

Be creative! If you feel that something you come up with is a good design, POST IT! Fresh ideas are just as much a part of this contest as the ones we feel fall into our exact specifications.
We will not rule out any design, logo or website, just because it wasn't what we had planned on.

We would like to keep the main logo generic, and for the sub-logos - you may use colors that are associated with that sector.
We want a logo for "Adopt A Serviceman" that will be a ground for the other, sub-logos, to be created.
For the font used, we liked the idea of an "old-typewriter" theme, but, again, we are not limiting to this. In fact, we would rather see designs with your ideas of our company, as this doesn't blind us to only what we see as a good design!




We are looking to create a website that will create a professional web presence for our company and include some features that make it interactive. And again coding is NOT REQUIRED. However if coded we just need very basic HTML to allow: navigation between pages, use of links for other web pages and e-mails, and a contact page with text boxes used to input info sent to us. The coding is simply to help when our programmer begins working on the more complicated aspects of the interactivity.

Down the road we want the site to be able to allow servicemen to create profiles where they can post pictures, add information about themselves, create wish-lists, etc. Sort of like a "" or "" for men and women in the military, however the person will have to send proof their military status, and after being approved by our staff, can customize their profile with things they enjoy. Supporters will be able to connect with an individual that they would be interested in by "adopting" (writing letters, sending care packages, gifts, etc) them. None of these features need to be programmed by you, we simply need the pages designed with the same basic layout of the site.

For contest purposes: When you post your website entries, we would just like to see the "Home Page", and if we like your work, we will tell you to show us some examples of the other types of pages.

If you are chosen as the winner, we will need you to supply; a generic template to use for other pages to be created when coded, along complete designs of the following pages:
- Home page
- Sign-up page
- About us
- Search page
- Press (would like to allow RSS feeds on here as well)
- Cities
- Navy - "Adopt a Sailor"
- Air Force - "Adopt an Airman"
- Army - "Adopt a Soldier"
- Guard - "Adopt a Guard"
- Marines - "Adopt a Marine"
- Contact us
- Gallery

Ne veut pas

- We don't want to see anything that has been copied or altered unless it is your own work and was never used by any other individual, company, corporation, group,etc.
- DO NOT break any laws to create a design for this contest! (Note: includes laws in the country of origin of the design, as well as those of the USA)
- Try not to use colors that would relate our logo to any specific section of the military.
- Do not include anything that would easily offend anyone in the website or logo
- If you use images and/or stock for anything you will be entering, please make sure you do not use anything that is owned by any other individual, company, corporation, etc unless you have received expressed permission to do so beforehand.
- Do not limit your designs, respective of the legal aspects, to what we have said we are looking for in this contest.
- Do not submit entries to this contest that are related to other countries or military', than that of the USAWe look forward to all of your entries and know with all the fantastic designers on this site, that we will be seeing some great ideas!


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