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Website for FOTOCHIMP (Home page only, no coding!)

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Calling all web 2.0 designers! We need a modern, clean, simple and innovative website for our new online photo backup business "fotochimp", that will appeal to our Gen-Y target audience. Get those fun and creative juices flowing!

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Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

We are inviting you to give us our identity! Design us a home page for our new business and make some easy cash! We now have our logo and chimp character (…es/1048056) and are in need of an awesome FUN website to match!
About Us
Fotochimp is an online photo backup business targeted at Gen-Y who have mountains of photos, videos, music and other valuable data stored on their 'less-than-reliable' home computers. We offer a cheap, easy way to make sure they never lose these electronic 'valuables'.We want our business to have a fun, 'hip', playful and yet simple and modern web 2.0 feeling. The face of our business will be our CHIMP CHARACTER who will appear throughout the website as a 'guide' to explain things and give it a personal touch. Use our existing chimp designs in the link above (if you can) to feature him on the home page, but we will be getting him designed in other positions / expressions that we may replace it with.
We like the minimalist type designs that draw your attention to the important parts and don't have unnecessary boxes or text. Because we want to avoid excess / useless clutter and content here is a precise list of what we need on the home page:
- A navigation menu with these titles: Home, Sign Up, How It Works, FAQ's, About, Contact
- A login section (e.g. username / password fields and a login button)
- Our logo
- A prominent "sign up now" button / link
- A spot on the page to display promo's such as "free T-shirt for the first 100 customers" - you can use this promo as the example
- A prominent and simple explanation of 'what we do / how it works' such as "Step 1: Sign Up, Step 2: Download the program, Step 3: Upload your stuff!". The message here should be easy to read and understand without being over cluttered with images or text. This should be the main focus of the page along with the "Sign up now" button.
- Footer - not sure of the exact links to be in the footer, so please use standard examples such as "About Us, Contact, etc" (see designs we like)
Designs We Like:
FAVS: - BEAUTIFUL! Well themed, vibrant and intuitive + good footer. - simplicity, bold centre statement (image), non-cluttering, LOVE the web2.0 verbose footers.(footer optional - however would love to see some pages with a strong large verbose footer, and a cut down trim version).
OTHER DESIGN STYLES WE - clean layout - testimonials 'light box' is great - playful, fun - clean layout - bold centre statement (image & text), attracts to key points you need to look at - bold centre statement (image & text) - layout and bright colors - simple, clean - we like that it is not cluttered - we like the bold statement in the centre with an image. - clean layout
Please pay special attention to our "wants" and "not wants" below, the winning design will tick all or most of these boxes!
But most of all, put on your FUN hat and give us your most innovative, creative and unique designs!
- Only a home page is required (in PSD format), we will then use the general layout & button / header / text styles to create the rest of the website from there.
- If you need the logo in vector format or have any questions please PM or email us at
- Don't waste everyone's time and copy designs from templatemonster or any other website. You will get caught and reported! We only want unique designs and true designers!
- There may be the opportunity for further work for the winning designer - make us fall in love with your design!


- Fun yet professional
- Simple yet informative
- "Web 2.0" style (e.g. bold titles, non-cluttered, use of shadows / gradients, etc)
- Innovative / Different / Creative / Interesting / "Cool" / Appealing to a young audience
- A website that suits our logo (link above)
- The chimp character to feature prominently in the design

Ne veut pas

- Clutter.
- Too much text or too many images making it clunky and slow to load
- Boring or old style designs
- We won't be using any flash but if the design included hover over effects or similar javascript requirements that would be ok (e.g. changing colour on menu hover, etc).

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