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Website design for a new set of twitter tools

tweetpig avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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TweetPig is a new site which contains set of twitter tools.

Logo file is attached.

I need a fresh clean web 2.0ish look.
By web 2.0 I mean I don't want to have overly stock art, and the final site (after converted to html which I do) would make use of CSS and simple color schemes that pop and are flashy.
It should look clean and mac (osx) like shinny.

I need the main page designed.
From this it should be possible for me to take the header and footer and strip out the middle to create the inside pages.

The final deliverables should be easily convertable to .html / .css files, and a small amount of images.
I do understand that I will have to be the one to do this though.

How I want people visiting the site to feel:
- Wow this is cool! I HAVE to try this service.
- Safe, site is clearly not scam, twitter account is clearly safe to authorize with us.

What I don't want:
- I do not want you to work off of a website template, nor do I want my site to look anything like a website template.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

- Twitter power users
- Those who want to become twitter power users
- People who are willing to pay a small fee per month to better manage their twitter accounts (note: accounts plural is an important thing I want to emphasize)
- What the site it is not: Get twitter followers fast site which twitter explicitly bans.


Below I list the goals of the actual site.
See the page details section below for more details about what to do with these site wide goals.

The below is a list of features that should be described or portrayed on the page. The below likewise lists all of the main features of the product. I am not giving this functionality on the main page but simply describing the features:

- Allows you to **organically** increase your twitter involvement
- Protects you by making sure you stay within the [twitter guidelines] and [automation rules]. (I will actually link to them)
- Ensures that you never re-follow someone who you have previously unfollowed
- Allows you to detect which users you should likely unfollow for various defined reasons
- Allows you to detect which users you should likely follow based on keywords, envious users, and people who follow people who are similar to you
- Allows you to auto followback
- Tweet scheduling so you can tweet at peak hours, and spread out your tweets.
- Tweet archiving
- Identify your top twitter followers
- RSS feature
- Tweet pig is not a "get twitter followers fast" site. Instead tweet pig gives you tools to enables you to find like minded followers and followees organically and manually.
- Everything is built for 1 account managing multiple twitter users.
- Keeps track of your follow (and unfollow) history

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

The page:
- Perhaps a tree worked in somehow with leaves, just an idea, please feel free to be very creative
- The attached logo should be prominently displayed.
- There should be a user login link somewhere.
- For easy signup, there should be on the main page an edit box to enter your twitter username to get started. The text inside that box should say: "Enter your twitter username to get started"
- I'd like for the primary goals to all be visible in some creative way. Perhaps a nice icon set, or if you have a good way to present that information easily that would be great.
- Should have follow @tweetpig somewhere
- Should link to the blog, login, the signup is done directly via first entering your username in the edit box.
- Should also mention we use OAuth and you never give us your twitter username/password.
- Footer should be bold and bigger and contain basically the site map with columns and each column has a title. (See example here of a footer I really like:
- There should also be links to about us, privacy policy, terms of service, contact us,

Site Web existant

Exemples de sites web

Examples of sites I like:
- (view in firefox, doesn't display right for me in chrome)
- (although I think the icons on the bottom aren't nice)

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