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Website Design for a Business Card Printing Company

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We are two entrepreneurs trying to create an online print eCommerce website for the Middle East. We want our company's culture to mimic that of Zappos - i.e. Excellent Customer Service. Our website needs to weave this philosophy into its design. We want something professional, clean, easy to use, easy to understand with a strong focus on making our customer happy.

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We are targeting the middle east as target market. specifically, we will be servicing customers in Dubai and the UAE initially, and then expanding to other countries in the area.

The target audience is:
- Owners of small businesses
- Office Administrator/Managers at large companies who are in charge of ordering supplies

This audience would probably not be very web savvy, and will probably opt for the phone ordering initially. eventually, we want to make them comfortable enough to order through the web.

The audience is very price sensitive, but also understands that bad customer service in the business card space in dubai is rampant, so they want a company that can deliver on its promises.

Our target audience will want a high quality, professional business card, so will probably be a business or functional person, as opposed to a creative person.


Our business model is a one price, high quality, great customer service play. so we need to really ensure that people who visit out site understand why our price is "more" expensive than others. They need to understand that we do not nickle and dime them for every option they select, and that by default, we include the best options - high quality paper etc. They need to understand that if they went to any other vendor, and wanted all the options that we include for free, the total price would be more than ours.

We are not trying to create very fancy, creative, out of the box business cards. We want to create very professional, high quality, standard business cards.

I would really prefer if the main page does not scroll for a standard size screen (1280 X 1024), but if needed, lets try and keep scrolling to the minimum

Basically, once a customer finds our site, we want them to say "Wow, this is a good deal, and I understand why their price seems higher but it includes everything I want and more" and makes them call us, or click the order online button.

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Page Type: Website Main Page

Company name: - we do not have a logo right now, so one
would need to be created along with the web design.

Service Offered:
- Order by Phone (with phone number)
- Order Online - Since this piece of functionality will be coming
later, we should have a coming soon banner across this. Also, I want a
way to gauge customers interest in this functionality, so maybe a like
button or something else that enabled them to show interest? (something to show that they are looking forward to this functionality)

Benefits (customer should be able to learn more about each item):
- One Low Price
- Free Shipping
- Guaranteed Delivery Date
- Secure Online Ordering
- Great Customer Service
- Convenient Payment Options

Whats Free/Included (customer should be able to learn more about each item):
- High Quality Paper
- Business Card Lamination
- Full Color Front and Back printing
- Glossy or Matte Finish
- High quality Offset printing (as opposed to low quality digital printing)

Menu Items:
- About Us
- Pricing
- Services
- Contact Us

Additional Services Offered: (customer should be able to learn more about each item):
- Existing Business Card Replication
- Multi-Language Translation

Additional Items:
- Ability for customer to provide email address for updates and discounts
- Social Media posting/like buttons

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Sites we like: - like it because you get you get a sense of how easy it is to use their service - like the new, simple options, easy to use, big text for important items - like the design and style, but it might be a bit cluttered - like they way they have laid it out, but do not like the color scheme too much, the text seems to fade into the background, so things do not stand out.

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