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Website-in-a-Box templates for Appt-Based Service Providers

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Pronounced (Saul-bay) we are a Software as a Service (SaaS) business management solution for service-based providers.

Formerly, SalonMaster - our technology solution has been around for over 7 years and has provided salon and spa owners tools to manage their business more efficiency. With this re-brand, we are opening our solution to other service based verticals who book appointments to manage their business. Other verticals include, but are not limited to: tanning, chiropractors, dentists, orthodontists, medi-spas, sports facilities (hockey rinks, tennis courts, baseball facilities etc,), hobbies (musical lessons, personal trainers, personal shoppers, etc).

Some of our competitors include: Harms software (, myReceptionist (, SpaBooker (

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Our audience is customers for our clients (small to mid-sized business who provide services on an appointment basis). The site needs to be extremely straight forward, organized, and easy to use with as few steps as possible.


We are looking for 3 completely different design templates for websites that promotes appointment-based services. Our clients will choose one of these designs for their website that we host.

We need all native files and formats from wining designer with layers open and easily identifiable, preferably in Adobe Fireworks but other formats are also acceptable.

The service provider logo, address, email, and phone will change for each of our clients. We will not have control over the copy/content on each page as that is configurable in our application for each client.

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We are looking for 3 completely different design templates for websites that promotes appointment-based services with the following pages:
- home page
- service descriptions
- technician/service providers descriptions
- service hours
- self-service appointment booking

Do not design all 5 pages for the 3 designs, but rather 3 completely different templates for the header, footer, and content layout.

Site Web existant


Both of these are our current offering, which came out in 2003. As you can see, they are very outdated and need to be more modern and much easier to use.

Exemples de sites web

Some sites I like and why (in no particular order):
Salesforce screams technology, innovation and simplicity. I love that about this site. I like how easy it is to find the login and free trial buttons, I like how they divided the space. I like how they use and set-up their internal pages.
I love how they use the boxes at the bottom to separate their most important information. As mentioned before, I like how their homepage fits on the monitor, I like their use of whites and grays and the almost tactical approach to the site design.
I like the tabs across the top and the rounded corners of the boxes. I like the boxes at the bottom that make it easy to navigate and understand. I like how the page is centered and the homepage fits on a computer screen without scrolling. I don't like the bread crumbs at the top, or the pastel colors.
I like how easy it is to sign in, I like the use of different shades of gray, I like that it feels modern and clean
Target just changed for the holiday's and is now really busy homepage but I like their use of red and grey. I like how they center and frame the webpage with the gray gradient.
I like how they used different shades of red to complement their logo. I really like the dark grey/off black to with our logo. I like how they use other colors very minimally. I do not like their internal pages.

Please keep in mind though that we are looking for 3 completely different layouts to provide a variety to our clients to choose from.

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