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Web 2.0 Style Page Design for Adult E-shop, No Coding!

Petite Tresor avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment Petite Tresor a commencé son expérience web page design

Nom de la marque

Petite Tresor


E-tailers selling a range of luxury adult toys, beauty products and eventually lingerie.

We are a newly formed company owned and developed by women for women. Our aim is to create a site that is sophisticated and elegant, We are using a French theme, and we are aiming to inspire passion, and are selling romance & intimacy rather than pornography & tacky sex toys. This site needs to be elegant & stylish.

We already have a logo, created on 99 designs (attached), and we LOVE IT! If the page portrayed the same feeling as the logo we would be ecstatic. The logo should be on the page, but not overly prominent. note: we've now discovered the whole logo doesn't necessarily suit the web page but different components do (such as the company name, tag line and bow). We've since added these comments to the 'general comments' area.

What we represent: Sophistication
Romance & Intimacy

Please note we are not selling hard core x-rated products.

We absolutely LOVE the Bijoux Indescrets site - the look and feel, the menu system, pretty much everything about it (and in particular the product display page), and we will also be stocking their products. Site address is

A few other designs we like include: - we quite like this site - lovely look and feel, clean and non-cluttered (and great products!), like the main menu across the top with the drop down 2nd level menu.
- - sophisticated look and feel
- – we are carrying similar products and this site does not have a hard core feel to it (but we don’t really like the busy cluttered presentation)
- - product presentation is quite nice

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Women, aged 18-45. Our research has shown that the majority of our customers will be in relationships and within the 18-35 age bracket. We aim to create a site that is elegant,sophisticated and exclusive. We want it to be a place where women feel pampered & comfortable while shopping, whether she be a carreer woman, wife, mother or hip young 20 something.


The goal of this project is to design the Petite Tresor homepage, and a sample product display page. We only need a layered PSD, no coding is required.

The home page should have a very attractive, clean, professional look, with a “web 2.0” feel to it. We want people to feel like they are entering an exclusive French-style modern boutique. Feel free to use stock images but please no x-rated images (however bodyscape artwork is acceptable).

We prefer a dark background, and pale pink is one of our colors but we also like charcoal.

We plan to use an expandable menu from the home page to the subsequent pages (but are flexible). For reference, the main menu will contain: “Home”, “Products”, “Pillow Talk” (blog), “What's New” (blog), “Press”, and “FAQs”. Other standard links from the home page include: “privacy policy”, “site map”, “disclaimer”, “about us” and “contact us”. Additional links are: “VIP sign in”, “Twitter”, “Facebook”, and “My Basket”. We're not sure where all this should go (but when in doubt, remember we love bijoux!).

We have asked for a 2nd page but this should just be an extension of the look and feel of the first page and should cater for the layout of products. Sample products include: candles, bath and body treats, etc. Again, please refer to Bijoux Indescrets and use stock pictures as appropriate.

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