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You will be designing a modern web 2.0 design similar to We are a premier web hosting company searching for a new design which will grab our clients attention and also be very easy to navigate.

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Evolved Solutions

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

About Us: Evolved Solution is a web hosting company, we also provide domains, dedicated servers and templates.  We work by three terms which may also be incorperated into the web design.
- Expand : We strive to expand our services, what we provide, and how we provide it. (FIRE)
- Adapt : As the web changes, companies must change. Evolved Solutions adapts to the changes of the world. (WATER)
- Change : We find ways to improve, what ever it takes to help our clients grow. (WIND)We want to design a easy flowing website similar to Its a quick site to look at and you know they are hosting, and very easy to use.
We will be putting it into a Joomla! CMS this will be key when designing the site because certain elements wont work so you need to research the CMS.  We want as many things as possible to be worked from the backend, so you only want things like a banner or logo to be things that are static.


- You should incorporate Expand, Adapt, Change
- If a logo can be created, and is creative.  I will add a bonus on top of the overall design charge.

- Colors should ideally like this design:…Tsolix.jpg (Minus the red they use, if you do use a red use a real red they seem to have a purple/red)

- Style Web 2.0 view
Example Sites:



We need at least 2 blocks for showing off our packages, unless the design is like and just provides a quick link from an image. That may even be better.
We need a place for domain lookup, you should look at this design for an example:…Tsolix.jpg
The footer must be able to incorporate logos, and text links for SEO reasons.
It would be nice to show features like shown on our website, but if it has less things on the frontpage thats ok.  (As you can see I really want you to create something like and HD Host)
Must incorporate our partners:

Ne veut pas

- I don't want anything that looks like it would be from template monster with a thousand different colors.

- I don't want it to be hard to change from the backend.  Look up how Joomla! CMS works to figure this out.  If you need an example everything in my design at works from the backend except the Domain Lookup block is HTML basted into a module (Which I would rather not do)
I don't want you to follow my notes too much, I notice some try to follow them and they are not creative.

- I don't want you to go off the path of making a site like or…-109011118
If you do a design which as some sort of large image on the frontpage, please show me what a page would look like for actual content.
Please look up Joomla! CMS to see how it works and what limitations you may be put on. 
WHMCS is used for billing & support the internal design of WHMCS will stay the same just the header and footer will change view so if you design try to show the page of what that would look like if it was pasted in the center content area.
For the internal pages you need to show center top modules above the news, the side modules.  This is to show the coder what to code, not to say that all of them would be used at once.

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