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We are a small startup and the idea behind the company is simple. We are a group of SEM experts who want to help hyper local retailers get online quickly and cheaply.

Instead of the hyper local retailer paying big fees for SEO we'll use Google's Local Business Listing to promote their business. This gets them high listing on the local Google results and allows them to provide coupons and events notification. Plus, we can use this listing for Yelp and Facebook too. Finally, the LBL will be used by Google for AdWords and Mobile marketing.

Yes we understand that any retailer can customize their listing. We are betting that they want someone to do it for them.

Our idea is simple. We provide the service. We stay up to date on Google's changes. We pass this on to our customers so they don't have to stay up to date. We give them cheap, a la carte pricing - ex: $50 to customize their Google Local Business listing, $25 to customize Yelp, $50 setup for an AdWords account. etc. Cheap, yet an effective service.

We provide the hyper local retailers with expertise so they don't have to stay up to date.

We are an Ad Agency!

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Hyper Local Business - you know your local laundromat, your local lawyer, your local restaurant. Owners that are too busy running their business and want a quick, cheap solution. These folks also don't understand that spending $1000s per month for a website that doesn't get more than 100 visits a month is a bad business decisions.


We already have someone on the team that can code the site.

We need a layered PSD file for the general design.

I'd like a Web 2.0 look and feel.

If you actually visit that's the wrong concept, but we kind of like the street lamp logo. However, don't be constrained by the logo and if you have another one you come up with then, go for it. Happy to use something else. Again, Finally, please don't use the original concept at

Should include screen shots of Google Local Business Listings (you know the map) as well as the expanded pages view (when you hit more information) on the websites. Screen shots of Yelp listing and Facebook pages would be good too.

Obviously a footer.

980 pixels in width.

Don't really like dark backgrounds.

Top level navigation should be standard stuff - Products, Why It Works, About Us, Buy Now, Contact Us.

Think very simple. The target audience is very busy running their business. We want to make the process very simple and very easy to buy. The checkout process will be very simple - add in the service you want, pay with credit card and off we go.

Also - web 2.0 look would be preferable.
this looks fine: (a little too busy, and dont like the stick figures)

Simple. Straight forward. The website will really be used to process orders.

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