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New web design for Norwegian out door school avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Nom de la marque

Øytun folkehøgskole


Øytun offers the most comprehensive outdoor life program of a folk high school. Folk high schools are one-year boarding schools based on the idea of learning for life, not only for occupations and degrees. We offer major subjects in outdoor life within these areas: Flow, Hunting and fishing, Dogmushing, Arctic, Photography, Off piste, Guide. The major subject is combined with 4 of more than 30 electives.

Øytun is the world´s northernmost folk high school. It is located in Alta, the junction of Finnmark and the Samilands area of Norway. Between alpine mountains to the north and the tundra to the south, the landscape also features fjords, peaks, glaciers, and lush valleys.

A school year at Øytun is completely wild. The students experience the flaming aurora borealis in the night sky, relaxation by the campfire, powder snow to your bellybutton, surging water, strong huskies, a polar bear in the distance, steep mountains.

The students live at the campus and enjoy socialising with a hundred other like minded people and make friends for life whilst experiencing new challenges and adventures. All in a fun, safe but testing environment which develops the students individual strengths and leadership, builds their team skills and broadens their knowledge and experience.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Øytun is for those who want to try something adventurous, and it is extreme enough for those already experienced outdoors. We recruit students from all over the world. The age limit is minimum 18 years. The average student age is 19,5 years.


We need a more attractive design that must be fresh, light and easy to read and use. It is important to show that we are an out door school, and attract possible students.

Our half year course Ski og skred has its own website It is much less content there than at, but it is a suggestion of what we like.

In the Example Websites we give link to our new brochure.

Feel free to create what you think is good. In Page details we give an impression on how we think about the content.

All design material has to be in .PSD files with full resolution, so we can have it cut and implemented into HTML. Layers in PSD must be well organized and named.

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

It is the schools official homepage. This is an impression on how we think about the content.

At the top we want our new logo and a horizontal menu with large submenus that shows all the content of our website (like See links below to get the logo and the menu content.

Our slogan is: HELT VILT

We want a panorama picture (on the finished website pictures that shifts in a slide show). Example pictures are attached below, only for use in this contest.

We would like to make it clear for the user the main subjects we offer:
Friluftsliv – Jakt og fiske
Friluftsliv – Hundekjøring
Friluftsliv – Arktis
Friluftsliv – Flyt
Foto – Friluftsliv
Mountaineering - Off piste
Mountaineering – Guide
It is also possible to use the shorter versions:
Jakt og fiske, Hundekjøring, Arktis, Flyt, Foto, Off piste, Guide.

We will have articles (included picture shows, video etc.) and some welcome sentences at the front page.

It must be easy to find:
- how to get to a contact form
- how to apply
- how to get our brochure

We will also show:
- flags/symbols/text for navigation to English and German versions of our site
- login for our students and staff
- search field

Site Web existant
It is old fashioned and to much on the front page.
On the positive side: You can find a lot of information at our website, and there are many articles and pictures.

Exemples de sites web : Clean and with a panorama picture that cathches your eye. But this site is much smaller than our needs for Øytuns website. : We like the large submenu that shows everything, together with a picture.

Link to our new brochure:

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