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Web Design for a Cutting-Edge Web Application Platform

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Application Craft is an online service that allows non-experts to rapidly build and run rich web and mobile applications. Apps can be created both by using a pixel-precise drag & drop interface as well as writing Javascript in a cloud-based IDE. Applications are instantly published with a click of a button -- no installation or setup.

The web site will play a key role in Application Craft’s go-to-market strategy. The AC product is delivered as a web service and the “marketing web site” (the project at-hand) is intended to help potential customers find AC (the solution they are looking for), quickly educate themselves on what AC is and how it works and be able to sign-up and get going with their first app within minutes.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Application Craft is intended for both experienced web developers, as well as novice developers or those who do not have extensive web programming and deployment expertise, including non-web programmers and web designers.
This audience tend to be in their 20s and 30s and are naturally very web and tech-savvy. They are also typically very design-conscious.
The web site must gain their trust that Application Craft can be a platform for them to build beautiful, rich and powerful applications.


The web site needs to excite prospects with how feature-rich and beautiful the applications build with AC can be, on the one hand, and how easy and fast it is to build and run these applications, on the other hand.
The web site should have the following characteristics and built on the following principles:
- Very focused and straightforward - clearly conveys what AC is, its uses and its benefits
- Visually convey both the richness and simplicity of the product
- Projects cutting-edge technology – a company that gets web and mobile development
- Have a distinct and memorable personality

We recently ran a logo competition on 99Designs. We have yet to determine the winner of the competition. We would like you to pick any of the remaining candidate logos for your web design. You can see all of the logos here: (feel free to rate and comment). Hopefully, this will give you more creative freedom and will help us choose the winning logo.

Additional Considerations:
The web site will have embedded Javascript applications built with Application Craft in 2-3 relevant locations including the home page. We will build these JS apps ourselves but will require design guidelines for them. Also,in the home page you need to leave a placeholder for this app but to make sure it's not just an empty rectangle, please use the attached screen shot.

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Home Page
We have attached a mockup for the home page that details all of the content elements that need to be designed. NOTE: this mockup is for content guidelines only. You DO NOT need to follow the page layout it presents -- feel free to be creative and come up with your own solutions.

How It Works Page
This page should have 5 tabs (or some other way to lead people through 5 steps) that walk visitors through how Application Craft works. We have attached a document with the draft of this content. Note that there should be a visual to accompany each step.

Feature Tour Page
To demonstrate the richness of the platform, this page walks through a "catalog" of features -- things you can do. Each feature has a short description and a visual (e.g., screenshot). See attached document with draft of content.

About Page
Will contain a paragraph describing the company, bios and photos of team members, contact information - would like to see a sub-navigation bar on this page to these elements (contact, team, etc.)

Site Web existant The current web site is going to be completely revamped both in terms of content and design. DO NOT use the current web site as a reference for your design -- only the materials in this brief.

Exemples de sites web [beautiful; popular with developers] [clarity, simplicity]
http:// [bold colors, straightforward, clarity]

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