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Veterinary House Call Practice:

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This is not our first contest!

There WILL be a winner, and that winner WILL get paid!

Check out my feedback and enter the contest with peace of mind!

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Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

I need a Non-Coded web page design for a new website to be called:

This website will be more or less an online brochure for a female Veterinarian that makes personal house calls to sick animals…

i.e. PAWS Calls

The client already has a logo that they are happy with (do NOT redesign the logo!).

You can download a copy of the logo here or one can be email to you:

Also the client likes the way the word are written here (exact font name is unknown)

1) The new design needs to have complement the current logo and have a web 2.0 feel (gradients, rounded corners, layering, etc.)

2) The design should be 960px wide by whatever.

3) The elements included above in the logo should be incorporated or expanded upon in the design if possible.

4) Overall the design needs to be OPEN, FUN, FRIENDLY, and must have a FEMININE feel.

5) The client would like the words “Veterinary House Call Practice” predominately incorporated within design.

6) The fonts should be light and playful, but easy to read (high contrast).

7) The client would also like to see “Paw Prints” worked into the design (be creative here).

8) The color schemes are: light blues, pinks, with some use of darker contrast colors. ( wording needs to “POP” as much as possible)

I will be expecting a unique take on this color scheme.

9) **** It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep this looking PROFESSIONAL.****

People will be making the decision to trust this doctor with their family pets. So we need to make a great first impression!

When someone views the design, they need to feel like they have arrived at the happiest, friendliest, and most convenient Veterinary office ever thought possible

10) The site design must use a LEFT SIDE NAVIGATION (make room for 4 or 5 buttons)

11) All information for site will be included on ONE Page.

The site will scroll to corresponding linked section.

12) Please feel free to include photos of animals etc. to enhance design

Here is a site that the client pointed out to us as an example: (we expect better)

As USUAL (for those of you who have been in a past contest of mine)…

• I will be giving constant feedback to contestants throughout the contest.

• Please ask questions directly and/or please see all feedback even on the other designs

• The contest can end early so do not wait until the 11th hour to submit your design (or redesign) or you may not get a chance!

• **** Final Product needs to be a WELL Documented Layered .PSD so that we can pick and choose any element.

By WELL Documented I mean keep element in layers near each other. I never want to see a 100+ layers mess where elements are spread out and it take hours to figure out the mess.

USE Names for your Layers so someone can come behind you and understand what they are looking at. (i.e. outer box, drop shadow, inside frame, button 1, button 1 text, etc…)

Good Luck to all (especially the handful of artist that were specifically invited to this contest.)


See the primary description for all details

Ne veut pas

See the primary description for all details

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