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Unique Travel Website based on the Logo Provided

JohnW avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Voici comment JohnW a commencé son expérience web page design


I now have a logo from 99designs, so I'm looking for a web layout. No coding is needed, just a layered PSD.

See the included wireframe for the specs, plus you can download all relevant test images in the brief.

The key is to get inspired by the logo design and integrate it into a full site!

NOTE: I've updated the wireframe now to include an example map image and HTML form.

UPDATED wireframe again to add more navigation links (Cost, Places). Also added these to the footer links.

Nom de l'entreprise

Travel Math

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

This site will help people calculate flight distance, driving directions, time difference, carbon emissions, and details on airports, cities, countries, etc.

The logo has been designed in a previous contest, and I want the colors and the feel of the site to match the logo.

You can change the size of the logo to whatever suits your design. Download a larger version below.

The layout is very similar to a blog, with a column on the right side, and the main content on the left. But since it's not actually a blog, you don't have to design any date headers, comments, or "read more" links.

Download the wireframe here in either format: updated on 10/16/08

The wireframe is 1024x1024. Most pages will be taller, but some users may view the site in 800px width. I'm okay with it getting cutoff in that case. There is flexibility in the wireframe if you feel like you have ideas on the layout. For example, you don't have to put the AddThis button, search box, and navigation links all in one line. I would prefer to see the AddThis button and search box near the top left, since they are important for this site. But feel free to shift things around vertically if it makes sense in your design.

In the wireframe, you'll see that there are 2 spaces for ads. You can play with these test images in your layout if it helps:
728x90 leaderboard ad
160x600 skyscraper ad

There is also a button from that is used for social bookmarking. You can download that image from here:
AddThis button

Here is a link to the logo, please use this as your design inspiration:
Travel Math logo

Be creative in your design, even though it's a simple layout. Please do not submit a template design from any sites like TemplateMonster. Feel free to use images if you think it looks better. You can use iStockPhoto or a similar service for the site images, but start with the comp images in your design submissions. I will pay the winner for the actual stock image license if necessary. Otherwise, you can use your own icons or drawings, or you can focus on a clean design with subtle effects to make it stand out.

Please highlight one of the navigation links so I can see what it would look like if you mouseover it.

I will rate every design that is submitted and I will give lots of feedback to fine tune the direction.

Also, if you have ideas on a homepage design, that would be a big bonus. The homepage would use the logo but you could play around more with creative design. There would be two sections:

1) TRIP CALCULATOR. The links in this section would be: flights, driving, distance, time, cost
2) PLACES. The links in this section would be: airports, hotels, cities, countries, zip codes, U.S. states, Canadian provinces

Each link would go to a subpage that would take the user deeper into the site. I can code those pages based on your overall designs.


- web layout inspired by the logo
- space for the ads, AddThis button, search box

Ne veut pas

- do not use anything from TemplateMonster, make a custom design

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