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Uncoded Website Layout for Kitchen Design Company

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We need a talented designer to produce a crisp and professional layout for KBB Design, a company specialising in the design of bespoke kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Nom de la marque

KBB Design

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

- The website will be in 3 sections - you will be concentrating on kitchens only.The home page design will be crisp and un-clutteres, with nice use of gradients and an overall professional feel.
A basic logo will be required as part of the design as KBB currently do not have any branding materials.
Your logo can be a basic text based effort. Or if you feel it will benefit the look of your layout, feel free to produce a logo of a higher standard (Which you will win an additional $50.00 for - see below).
Prize for winning home page is $300.00. If you also come up with a good content page I will award an additional $75.00. And also, if the client decides to use your logo as well as your design, you will be awarded an additional $50.00.
The content page should allow for one main image with thumbnails that can be loaded into the same space as the main image!! Also, a small paragraph of text for each kitchens description.
Please use text from other kitchen sites for your design - this will be replaced by the client.
Download sample photographs from here:
- Tagline: Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms

- Style: Crisp, clean, uncluttered & modern

- Accepted File Formats: Layered Photoshop File (PSD)

- Menu: Vertical or Horizontal navigation is acceptable - you choose!

- Colour Scheme: The client has requested cream and red as a
colour scheme but is (thankfully) open to different ideas. I feel
different gray's and blues are nice, but I will leave this choice up to
the designer.Keep it classy, clean, crisp etc...

- Need some inspiration for a colour scheme? Look here:
Website will be in 3 sections:
- 1) Kitchens

- 2) Bedrooms

- 3) Bathrooms
All 3 sections will use the same layout, with different pictures and descriptions. Please concentrate on the kitchen side for this design. Kitchens, kitchens, kitchens... This will be a kitchens only home page.

Menu Options: The following will be part of the main menu: (aside from the main menu or included as part of the main menu, the user should have the option to switch to bedrooms or bathrooms from the kitchens home page).
- 1) Home

- 2) Kitchens

- 3) Surfaces

- 4) Accessories

- 5) Storage
- 6) Bespoke Design

- 7) Appliances

- 8) Showroom

- 9) Project Management

- 10) Contact Us
Sub-menu's (Could be drop down options, or seperate altogether):
- 1) Kitchens - Traditional, Contemporary, Farmohouse, Modern

- 2) Surfaces - Option 1, option 2, option 3 (Up to option 10)

- 3) Accessories - Handles & Knobs, Doors, tiling, lighting


Websites I like:

- Second Nature Old Website

- - Main area ia good. Background is awful. And I'm not keen on the boxes on the right.



Ne veut pas

Payment Note: We are offering prize payment via
Paypal. If the winner wants to be paid by another method, we may
re-open the contest. Or if we agree, any additional charges incurred
will be deducted from the prize amount.

Artwork, Icons, Stock Photography: Must be original artwork (See supplied images at, or with a license available from

NOTICE: Please excuse the leyout of this listing - I have attempted to place things in the correct positions, but the 99designs forms will not allow me to adjust anything!!

Thanks for your time, and good luck...

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300 $US

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