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$325 - Uncoded Design for b2b Financial Services Co.

goldmine avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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Hello - Thanks for taking a look at our contest!

We are looking for a clean and professional design for a b2b
financial services website.

$325 to the winner.

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Desired Color Scheme:
Orange & Blue

Accepted File Formats:
layered psd

Domain: strategicbusinessfunding(dot)com

Logo files can be downloaded here:…

Here is the logo in .psd format:…icLogo.psd

A scan of our hand drawn layout is here:

What the business does:
We offer business finance solutions for small & medium sized
businesses and investors. We offer a full range of products from
business loans, commercial mortgages, equipment leasing,
factoring, sba loans, etc.

The main goal of the site is to have the visitor contact us
regarding one of our products or fill out an application.

Design preferences:
- We will attach our logo from a previous design contest.
It is an .ai file. Please let us know if you need another format. We want to use that orange and blue color scheme

- We want a very professional and clean look. Company image should
be perceived as experts.

- We are also uploading a hand drawn sketch of the rough layout that
we would like to see on the site. jpg

- Request delivery in layered psd file

- Designer should provide the home page design template and a simple
interior page template for us to build off of.

FYI - Here is a list of sites that we like:
- Great layout with top menu and side menu. Really like the picture
with headline and the buttons to the right of the picture to initiate
user interatction. We want this type of setup.
- just a clean, professional layout.
- what we like here is the picture with options to the right to give
the visitor a good jumping off point to find what they are looking for.
- We like the top menu. Use of color on white background for the boxes
is nice.
- very nice layout.
- We really like this one too. Using a similar picture right up top as
what we like in the above examples. Doesn't oversell on the home page
but draws the visitor in deeper. - Nice impactful design, clean.

I will now walk through the attached jpg layout attachment to give you
an idea of what we are looking for.

Logo area:
- use attached logo. Would like to see it on a white background.

Left menu:
- Category links in this order: Home, Business Loans, Equipment Leasing, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Investment Property Loans, Factoring, SBA Loans, Our Solutions, Contact Us

Below left menu:
- Put a box with "Newsletter Signup" as a headline. Live space for 3-4
bullets. Make a graphicical "Subscribe" button.

Top Menu:
- Links: Resources, About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, Guarantee in that order.

Main Picture:
- Need a high quality photo here reflective of business problem solving.
This picture should have a headline on it somewhere: "Creative Business
Financing Solutions" With a smaller subhead: "For small business
owners & investors"

Right of Main Picture:
- Very important part of the home page design. There should be a graphical Headline at the top: "I'm Looking For:" This is where we want visitors to focus their eyes. This is where we find out what we need to provide them to solve their problems.
We really like the buttons from the aspeneducation link above, but realize we probably have too much text to do that. We are open to the design and layout of these options, but the must be distict and separated from each other (whether by layout or color) And will probably need to be graphical
due to the amount of text. We can trim text if absolutely necessary, but would rather not. The example from myweddingfavors(dot)com does a similar thing in a different way.

Line under picture:
- Graphic: Need Help or Advice? Call 1-800-555-5555

Below the top portion of the site, we are open to suggestions, but would like to have something more than just text in that area. Would like to see some color content boxes added. The attached sketch is not
necessarily what we want to see. We are open here.

* We are not designers, so please feel free to put your creative opinions into your design. We are open!

Feel free to post or PM any questions.

Added note on color:

Here are the web colors we settled on with the logo designer:

# 143057 Dark Blue
# f04e27 Orange

C 100 M 70 Y 0 K 45 - Dark Blue
C 0 M 85 Y 96 K 0 Orange

We had trouble tying this up and getting the right files with the logo designer and just wanted to make sure you know the colors above are what we decided on. ** I'm not totally sure the colors used on that zip file (I don't have the software to open the ai files) are these actual colors. Please use the above color codes. I'll add this info to the project description.

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325 $US

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