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I am representing an expert beekeeper who had a difficult time finding an easy to understand beginners guide to beekeeping.

He decided to produce a 90 minute video on beginning beekeeping.

The creator of this product has a great deal of experience in TV Production and many years of experience on major Radio Networks. As a result of his beekeeping expertise combined with his excellent presentation and production skills he has created the definitive guide on beginner beekeeping, and we believe there is no better product on the market today.

This guide not only tells you what to do, how to do it, but also *shows* you on video each step of the way. We are excited to offer this to the beekeeping community.

We are trying to portray the fact that this is a highly visual, easy to understand, and complete guide for anyone interested in starting beekeeping, especially those who want to do it in their own backyards, or in urban settings. We want them to know that once they've watched this video they will know everything they need to get started beekeeping and have a successful hive.

The current website is here:

But will eventually be here:

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Our target audience is primarily (at the moment) a bit leaning towards more males than females. Their ages mostly range from 25-50 and then start dropping off in numbers after 50.

There is a trend of younger urban women getting into beekeeping and doing it in their backyards. The local food movement seems to be an influencing factor in this.

People are also concerned about the dwindling population of bees and they want to help keep them alive, and want to do their part in helping keep the Earth healthy and alive. There are some distinct correlations to the "Green Market" and the beekeeping market. But being "Green" is not the main factor of why people get into beekeeping.

Our target market is just starting beekeeping, and often haven't even bought any supplies, and don't know where to begin. They want detailed, easy to follow, complete information with lots of visual information. (Like a DVD.)

They want good pictures and diagrams that detail what a queen looks like, what the entire stack of equipment looks like and where each goes in the hive.

Also they want to know step-by-step what you do when you get your bees (how do you get them into your hive without having a mutiny) and what you need to do for your bees throughout the different seasons of the year, also how to harvest honey and how to extract it.

Those are a few of the important factors.


While we will sell the product on the site, it won't be a *sales* page unless someone gets further into the site. We will also be selling other related products in the future, so having the front page locked into just selling the DVD will limit the future growth of the "brand."

We do want to give the *impression* through graphics that they will get a very visual experience with this website/brand/products/etc. But the actual DVD shouldn't be the feature of the site.

Here's another example of a site that functions similarly to what we want here:

Notice that there is nothing for sale on the main page?

You actually have to click on "start now" to get to any sales message.

That's how we'd like this to function as well.

There really aren't any "great" looking Beekeeping websites out there right now.

This is one of the most "authoritative" sites on the subject right now:

We would like the authority of that site, but a more "urban" sleeker look, that is very focused on the fact that our product is extremely visual, and easy to follow.

It should be noted that people in this market prefer a bit of a "gritty" or "natural" look and not overly commercial. That being said, a clean, vivid, professional look will be best.

The design should be similar in functionality to this site:

And will require to be able to support an opt-in survey page similar to this: http://www.totalmemoryimprovement.c…edNow.html

Please let me know if you need anything or have any questions.

And here are some images you may use if you'd like:…

And here are some screenshots from the video you can use:…

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