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Paying for school is not an easy task. TuitionFund aims to help students pay their way through partnerships between student and merchant bodies. TuitionFund needs a design that will strike the middle ground and be attractive to both the students and merchants, highlighting that in working together success is in the future for both.

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Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Here is the old site placed on atemporary URL for your reference:

Need a clean, cool professional andfinancial feel template. The template will need to fit into the sitestructure. So a few details may help. The content of the site iseither a) 1 column text in paragraphs (w/ image(s)) or FAQ format, b)2 column text in paragraphs (w/ image(s)) or c) a form. So thetemplate will need to be flexible to handle these 3 options. Pleaseprovide on your examples these 3 options on a single page so we cansee how the template handles them. It will really help. The site isaimed at 2 audiences i) those needing help with tuition e.g.,`students` and ii) those who can provide help with tuition e.g.`merchants`. They have their own specific content.

The site layout in more detail.

- Header. Should contain the company logo, the search box (which will just go to Google Site Search so no need for a result page) and buttons to link to `TuitionFund Program Information` i.e., information aimed at `students`, `TuitionFund Merchant Program Information` i.e. information aimed at `merchants`, `Financial Services Inquiry` i.e. links to a page with a form or just pops-up an e-mail via `mailto:`, `Consumer Inquiry` i.e. links to a page with a form or just pops-up an e-mail via `mailto:` and `Merchant Inquiry` i.e. links to a page with a form or just pops-up an e-mail via `mailto:`. The header should also contain `cookie crumbs` to highlight to the site visitor in which section they are in.

- Footer: Should contain the legal disclaimer (feel free to place something generic in there, but it needs to be text not a graphic) and links to `site map`, `faq`, `privacy policy` and `about us`.

- Home: The home page is relevant to both `students` and `merchants`. Probably 2 column format.

- TuitionFund Program Information Home: The Home for the `student` information. Probably 2 column format.

- Recommend a Merchant/Financial Service Form: This will be a form. It will also be followed by a Thank You page.

- TuitionFund Merchant/Financial Service Home: The Home for the `merchant` information. Probably 2 column format.

- Merchant/Financial Sign-up Form: This will be a form. It will also be followed by a Thank You page.

The header will contain a graphic ofthe logo, and the 1 column or 2 column page layouts may containeither picture imagery (potentially stock) or paragraph headings thatare text images.

The text format will be in header,sub-header, paragraph text, link (anchor, visited, hover and active)and list item. So seeing examples of these possibilities would begreat too.

This following technical information issupplied only as that, information. We do not expect any programmingfor this project.

The site will be built out to CSS 2.xand XHTML 1.0 Strict standards. It will be powered by PHP 5.x usingMySQL 5.x to store data from forms before e-mailing. In addition itmay be built using the Smarty Templates engine.

There will be no more than 2 rounds ofrevisions to the winner. I will be able to supply company logo invector format for inclusion in the templates.


- The site must be clean and reflect thefeeling of competent financial service(s). It must be interesting /pleasant to use for both the `student` and `merchant` targetaudiences. It must have the logo of TuitionFund in the header andit's tag line.

- We do want to maintain the current colors, font styles and other particulars of our logos, the TuitionFund name and the tag line "your education savings program".  Therefore, the design and style you select should be consistent with and compliment our existing logo, name and tagline colors and font styles.

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- I think withwanting a professional web site anything gaudy like you might findfor entertainment content is a big no-no. Nothing cluttered. Nosharply contrasting colors although color complements are fine.

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