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Trampa Custom Boards requires homepage + product page

mogmachine avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

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*I have rewritten the brief to simplify the process, ..the previous brief was a little confusing, ..thank you.

We require a website design for a custom board company.
The current site can be seen here: and the new development site can be seen here:

We require .PSD only, (with each element separated on layers). No mark up required (there will be XHTML/CSS work available for the winner if they want it and also further guarenteed design work on other pages).

We want 2 pages initially, ..The Homepage & Product page.

Nom de la marque

Trampa Boards

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Trampa Boards is a custom board manufacturer and online retailer for kite landboards and mountainboards.    Our core objectives are to:- To provide information on Trampa products, team riders and events

- To promote the Trampa products and how they are made

- To sell the Trampa products through our online shop
 Kite boarding and mountain boarding are some of the fastest growing sports in the world right now and Trampa is one of the leading custom board manufacturers who has established a name in the industry associated with rider orientated performance led, boards and parts. We are a major sponsor of events and have teams on both kiting and mountainboarding with media and events all over the world.

We require a website design for a usable, sleek, informative website and online store. 

The current site can be seen here: and the new development site can be seen here:

We require .PSD only, (with each element separated on layers). No mark up required (there will be XHTML/CSS work available for the winner if they want it).   

We already have an established logo and brand, the logo is in the assets pack in vector format.  

We also have a development site in production but are not happy with the design ( ..however this contains a lot of the content/layout we require.      

You can download design assets at

They contain the following:
- Illustrator file with vector logo
- PSD of current development site so use for assets if required   
- a folder of 'trampa' images   
- an image wireframe with 'suggested' elementsKey requirements of competition:- Design a homepage that defines the style for the rest of the site
- To design one further single product page (based on…ucts_id=63
- To establish a relationship with a reliable designer with a view to continued work in the future (we will have other pages and online products requiring design from the winner if wanted).Home page needs to include:
- please use development example as a guide(

- Dynamic teasers to site features ( featured product (board and it's parts), features, news, calendar of events, ride guide etc).  

- Language Changer

- Space for page banner we will be creating using 3d product image (we are creating these).

- Potential spot for video or slideshow.
Single product page needs to include:- Please use development example as a guide(
- Strong visual style established in the homepage
- Commerce 'buy' button and information
- Products Description & Specifications
- Related/Featured products


- Easy to navigate – we have used a vertical accordion menu as you will see, ..we are happy to keep with this, although it requires some styling

- It needs to portray a sleek, cool, modern, clean, trustworthy image but not a stuffy corporate image.

- Needs to be interactive – we need to entice / encourage members to use the website and discover its many features.

- Much of the content on the homepage will be dynamic, in that it will be changing each day (e.g.  new news items, events, products etc..).

- .PSD only, (with each element separated on layers).  No mark up required.
Design concept to include all elements we may need in other pages.  These being at minimum:
- 2-3 Header styles (h1, h2, h3)

- Standard paragraph and emphasised paragraph.

- A primary and secondary bullet point style

- A primary and secondary link style

- text form field + button for newsletter signup etc
* We will also be prepared to fund the winner to produce a number of other pages after the competition is closed.

Ne veut pas

- A stuffy corporate image.
- Amateurish
- Restrictive layout.  Design needs to be able to maintain integrity as there may be large amounts of content.
- A designer who has no interest in future paid work
- Acarbon copy of the layout in the wireframes/development PSD (we are not happy with these and need to break the mould, these are only provided as a guide).

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