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Finserve Marketing avait besoin d'un nouveau design de page web et a lancé un concours sur 99designs.

Un gagnant a été sélectionné de 2 designs proposés par 2 designers freelance.

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Voici comment Finserve Marketing a commencé son expérience web page design

Nom de la marque


The website “” will be focused on reviewing and providing information on online forex trading websites.

Online forex trading is where people can “trade” one currency against another – e.g. bet that that the pound will rise against the dollar. This is not to be confused with foreign exchange websites where people buy currency for their holiday.

Forex trading is often though of as similar to financial spreadbetting where people bet on whether a share or commodity will go up on down.
Some examples of online forex trading websites are:

There are also more general financial trading and financial spreadbetting companies such as IG Index, City Index and CMC Markets.

Please note these examples are only to give you an idea of the sort of forex providers we'll be providing information and reviews on – they’re not necessarily examples of designs we like, or websites that have been put together well.

Most importantly this is your design - We do not wish to push you in any particular direction as to the style or design of the site as we believe you are the talent and wish to allow you to let your talent shine through.

Promote online forex trading and utilise the "theme" of the domain name in unison (Continued in Target Audience)

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Although the domain is .at (Austria) it is targeted specifically at English language speaking countries with a strong bias towards the UK audience.

The theme may be that you can trade forex “.at” home, in the office – anywhere – being online makes it easy. But as I say the creative freedom is yours.

The visitors to the website will be those that have an interest in trading forex online. They are likely to be male, aged 25-40 and either have an interest in more traditional share trading but like the simplicity of the forex sites, or they have a background in enjoy gambling online (poker or casino) and like the thrill of now trying to play the forex markets.

For the gamblers it will be the thrill of making a trade, perhaps the skill it entails but also of the chance to get a trade right and make a considerable amount of money. So there is definitely a trend towards someone who aspires to greater things and levels of luxury as well.


• PSD files only.

• The website should be clean, crisp modern in style.

• We have no “logo” and this should be created as part of the homepage design. Any design central text (logos for example) should be provided non-rasterized.

• If custom fonts are used these should be sent along with the design.

• If your design uses any library images – e.g. iStock - please provide both a link to the image (and ID) and the cost we’d incur in buying it should we should your design.

• Colour Palette – clear, clean and natural preferably using Web 2.0 colours.

• Screen Size – The website should fit a 1024px width display.

• Scrolling of page content should be avoided – or at least with a neat break between above the fold and below the fold content.

• Minimum Requirements. This project calls for a minimum of two pages to be created:

(1) the homepage design; and

(2) the review page template – onto this we will add content to review each online forex provider.

PLEASE NOTE - the review page template is as important as the home page design so please do not ignore it. Sadly any designs which do not have the second page (or otherwise meet the brief) will not be considered.

Any questions please just let us know!

Finserve Marketing

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