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Integrated Work: Current website


• Integrated Work is a woman-owned and managed training and development firm committed to strengthening government and non-profit organizations’ capacity to move forward on their most important goals.
• This website re-design will be the first design piece in shifting our image and identity to revolve around our new logo (logo files provided). We need a design that will be able to translate to print materials, which will be developed later.
• Our work remains consistent with what we have been doing for the past 12 years, but we are updating our look to reflect our level of professionalism and established reputation. This website provides prospects with a high-quality image, reflecting that we are a trusted firm that will exceed their expectations for training, facilitation, consulting and coaching.
• Our track record of success has been based on our approach of listening closely to client’s training and development needs and customizing learning solutions to meet those needs using all the resources at our disposal. A hallmark of our work is repeat business, client referrals and outstanding, personalized service.
We organize our services in five areas:
• Strategic Retreat Facilitation
• Resilience Training
• Capacity Building
• Leadership Development & Coaching
• Management Consulting

Please see brief file attached for more information.

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Please read file "website brief" for more info Audience:
• We are communicating with non-profit and government executives interested in buying professional development services. Particularly, progressive non-profit and government leaders, decision makers, executives are our target market.

Design Direction:
• We prefer a blend of professional and progressive: respected and polished, but not stodgy, while still feeling organic/natural and fresh.
Boulder, Colorado our home, has gorgeous mountains and natural terrain. It is a center of alternative healing, natural foods, health and spiritual growth. Images of the Flatirons in Boulder Colorado are readily available on-line and would be a welcome addition to the site along with images that convey the nature of our work.
• Key messages: Our website should show that we are trusted advisors, like a law firm, but more creative and flexible. We help people reflect, plan, be strategic, and create community. We build capacity of leaders to accomplish their mission and vision through deep shifts in their mindset. We help people prioritize, focus, and learn from their experiences. We help people get better results, by seeing a new point of view about their current circumstances. We give clients personal attention, we care about them, and we connect with them. We don’t sell something to them; we attract people who need a partner in a accomplishing their goals. See attached files..


• Website design for a CMS WordPress site. We are looking for a page-based layout with two unique designs that work together -- a home page, and a design for interior pages. This project uses WordPress as a CMS, not as blog site. Provide design as a layered psd file with any other graphics so they can be manipulated for further modification and coding into a Word Press site.
• Use existing logo prominently (files provided). Shades of the yellow and green may be modified, but green and yellow are the main colors. Complementary colors of burgundy and cream (or ivory) could be accent colors, but are not required.
• Logo font is serif, similar to the example in Garamond.
• Our current website is

Purpose of Project:
• The website is to inform the target market about our work, promote the advantages of working with us, inspire them to call or email us, and provide reference materials for prospective clients – description of services and products, testimonials, video clips, media releases, articles, and free tools that provide a sample of our work.
• This website will be the basis for a new, unified corporate identity. Print materials, and other digital branding will be developed based on this design concept. A standard looking template is not sophisticated enough.

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