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Imagine Digg for bars, restaurants, cafés, music and comedy venues. Instead of voting for stories you vote for places. That's what we're creating. A simple, elegant and fun place to vote up your favourite local establishment. The results are displayed on a map with pushpins. These pins change colour according to how buzzing the place is *right now*.

This is a Fast-tracked contest. I always leave feedback.

The prize is for an uncoded design only. The winner will produce layered PSDs for both the homepage and 1 inner page.

#### Updated with more details. Please read the brief. ####
Let me know if you have any questions

Nom de la marque

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

The winner will produce layered PSDs for both the homepage and 1 inner page.

Wireframe mockups of both pages will be provided along with some specifics.  These are just to give you an idea of the elements required they are not explicit instructions for the final layout.

I want a feeling of space, control and simplicity.  We are displaying a lot of information and this needs to be handled well and laid out so as to avoid overwhelming users.

You can find the logo to be used at…ies/529041

You can find the wireframe for the homepage at You can also use to get a rough idea of how sections 8 & 9 might look.

The inner page wireframe can be found at

Home Page Elements:

numbers referenced here can be found on the wireframe mockup in the document BuzzHome.jpg

1) Site Logo

2)  Quick Search
area.  Allows user to search by
event/venue in a particular location

3)  Your location.  Defaults to London but user can change this.  To see an example of what I mean please

3c). Popular, Upcoming and Buzz Live.  These are buttons/links to other pages

4)  Venue categories list

5)  Shows the chosen venue category (in the example this is “Pubs & Bars”)

6)  Allows user to
choose the timeframe in which they want to view.  Options are Most recent, Top in 24hr,
7days, 30days, All time.

7)  Submit a new venue to the site

8)  Large Google map (450px x 425px) of the 10
venues or events on display.  This
is linked to…

9)  … Summary details
for each of the points on the map with pagination.  On click to next page the list updates
with the next 10 venues/events and the map is updated accordingly.

10)  Login/Register links.

11)  Top users.  Images only.

12)  Tag cloud showing
the most popular tags on the site.

13)  Footer containing
links to privacy policy, terms of use, report a bug, contact us, RSS
feeds, FAQ.

14)  Sub-categories of the chosen category (5) see below


Below is a list of categories to be used.  Those with the number (1) are at the highest level.  My thought was to have them located in Section 4.  With any further sub-categories (marked 2, 3 & 4)  located in Section 14.

1  Bars & Pubs
1  Cafes & Coffee Shops
1  Comedy Clubs
1  Live Music Venues
1  Night Clubs
1  Restaurants
2    African
3      Moroccan
3      Nigerian
3      South African
2    Americas
3      Caribbean
4      - Cuban
3      Latin American
4      - Argentinian
4      - Brazilian
4      - Colombian
4      - Mexican & Tex-Mex
4      - Pan-American
4      North American
2    Asian
3      Afghan
3      Burmese
3      Chinese
3      Indian & Pakistani
4      - North Indian
4      - Pakistani
4      - South Indian & Vegetarian
4      - Sri Lankan
3      Japanese
3      Korean
3      Malaysian, Indonesian & Singaporean
3      Oriental
3      Thai
3      Vietnamese
2    European & Middle Eastern
3      Belgian
3      Brasseries
3      British
4      - Fish & Chips
3      Central European
4      - Austrian
4      - Swiss
3      East European
4      - Polish
3      Fish
3      French
3      Greek
3      International
3      Italian
4      - Pizza & Pasta
3      Jewish
3      Mediterranean
3      Middle Eastern
4      - Iranian
4      - Lebanese
3      Modern European
3      Portuguese
3      Scandinavian
3      Spanish
3      Turkish
3      Vegetarian
1  Theatres & Art Venues


Similar sites which I like include:


- Logo, as provided above.
- Usability
- Simplicity
- Elegance
- Appropriate use of whitespace
- Subtle use of colour and texture to highlight important features.
- Demarcation of the different sections

Ne veut pas

- Clutter
- Too many distractions
- Overloaded palette

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