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A startup company is looking for a brilliant designer!!!!!

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Nom de la marque



Thanks to the internet, there's more information available than ever about – everything. Especially the stock market. Out of the millions of pieces of information floating by on your screen daily, how do you focus in on the nuggets that affect your investments? By checking out Sentigo, the most innovative, thorough, and accurate internet application to discover and filter internet news, expert opinions, and Twitter postings about stocks and the market. Sentigo's unique and powerful algorithms parse through millions of web pages, on the lookout for the nuggets of information that can influence the behavior of stocks, markets, and entire industries. Every few hours, Sentigo's web filtering system parses through millions of web pages, seeking out the information that affects the stocks in your portfolio and about the market in general. We then dissect the relevant news articles, expert opinions, and Twitter posts, analyzing each item for financial sentiment information – whether the item speaks positively or negatively about a stock or the market. Not only that; we also present you with the top stories affecting each stock, pinpointing the precise information you need to keep on top of potential moves in your portfolio's stocks.
Our next step is to have an application for Iphone Ipad and Android.
We are at the beginning of our way and the design of our product is very impotent.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Our target audience is very wide.
We are aiming that all people that invest and that wish to invest will use this tool. People with no experience and people with experience.
It needs to be easy for the eyes.
It is targeted to individuals and to the publishers that we want them to put our widget on their site.


The widget that we wish you design for us is eventually going to be seen in many financial websites. Please make sure the colors blend harmonically in financial websites.
It is going to show the highlights on a specific stock, main topics that have been buzzed and talked about all around the web.
I have attached an example, it is an example that we are not satisfied with its design. The attached is an old fashion design, we want something contemporary, we want something cool, something simple, there needs to be a groove in the design there needs to be a feel a "wow".
Not to make it too animated and not to use too many colors.
It needs to remind the reader of a simple Iphone application.
The main challenge of this widget is to pass to the reader a large amount of information in a small and simple widget. The size needs to be the same as the attached. We need to find a perfect way to design the MOOD and the BUZZ.
You can divide the widget that the Buzz and mood are in a different section then the rest. The widget needs to pass to the reader all the information that matters regrading the specific stock in a glance and then he can decide if he wants to read further more or not.
Please use the text that is written at the example attached.
Please use the one that its title is:"Stock Page Widget"

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

It is all in the attached.
Needs to be same text and same size.

Please do only the one that says on the top- stock page widget and not the one that talks about the market

Site Web existant

We have a site that we are going to change almost everything in the site including the design.

Exemples de sites web

Needs to remind us of an application more then a website

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