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Nom de la marque

Electronics Website


Our website is an electronics discount site where users earn points for purchases and other activities. Our personality is fun but professional - we do not want to appear whimsical or too serious.

The demographics are diverse socially, but all our customers love shopping online, finding great deals, and having fun doing it.

This slots feature is meant to get users to want to earn more points by doing other things on our site. The points contribute to prizes that they can redeem for.

Parlez-nous de vous et des personnes que vous souhaitez cibler

Greetings designers. We have a fun project that will stretch your creativity and showcase your professional design skills.

We are building a slot-machine type feature on our website. Briefly, a slot machine contains three reels of revolving images. When tokens are placed into the slot machine for a single spin, the reels spin, and each reel stops sequentially on a middle line. Certain combinations of images on the middle line produce returns tokens proportional to the user's initial bet. See this for more information:


****What we are looking for:****

A representation of slots that does NOT depict an actual slot machine - that is, it should not have a spin lever and a metal casing. We want to dissociate the concept from typical slot machines as we do not support gambling, and users will NOT be wagering money. You have a lot of flexibility in how you arrange the elements.

****The elements we will need on the page:****
-three reels, showing three graphics at a time
-a center line running horizontally through the three reels
-six different graphics to be displayed on each of the reels (one of them should be the logo shown below). They should be very distinguishable but fit together logically - perhaps have graphics relating to electronics, deal sites, or auctions.
-a "spinning" animation that looks like a reel is spinning with the five graphics you chose
-Tokens remaining
-Tokens won on the last spin
-Tokens to bet on the next spin (from 1-99) with arrows to increase or decrease the value
-a Spin button
-a Win chart showing all the combinations possible and the payouts, depending on the initial bet (like http://www.slots-and-slot-machines.…ackpot.gif ) For now, put in 10 potential payout combinations, showing 1, 5, and 10 tokens bet.
-a flashing animation to be put on top to indicate when a user has won in the current spin

Nombre de pages


Description de la page

****The best designs will:****
-complement our site's current design, using the body borders that we include
-not explicitly depict slot machines in the usual form
-pay close attention to the harmony and organization of all the elements
-highlight the correct elements - the Spin button for example should be distinguished
-have different states for certain elements - when a user wins something on a spin, the area showing the Wins on the last spin and Wins remaining should light up or be highlighted
-for the dynamic text and numbers, use a font that looks good but is also a web-standard font

All designs must be submitted as a PSD.

Good luck, and looking forward to your entries.

Site Web existant

****What we provide below:****
-a screenshot of two pages of our current site for your design compatibility
-our logo, which you should use as one of the five graphics on the reels
-a sketch of a potential layout of the system, BY NO MEANS do you need to or should you follow this

Exemples de sites web

Here are two basic views of a slot machine. You should NOT copy these formats and creativity will be rewarded.…achine.gif…chine1.png

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