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Slick Looking Website for Natural Sleep Aid Pills

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We're in the process of creating a new minisite in the natural sleep aid industry. We need a high quality design that is eye-catching and appeals to our target audience - people in search of a natural, non-addictive alternative to prescription sleeping pills.

Nom de la marque

SleepExcel -

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

As mentioned in the project summary, we're building a new ecommerce site in the natural sleep aid market. We're looking to create a site that is professional looking, but also pleasing to the eye, with a "Web 2.0" feel to it.

Our Target Audience:

Men and Women that suffer from insomnia due to everyday stress and/or simple restlessness. These will be people that do not like the side effects of prescription sleeping pills, or are simply concerned about the longterm effects of taking them.

Purpose of the site:

This is an ecommerce site that will actually sell the product, but it will also educate the visitor about various aspects of insomnia and prescription and natural sleep aids.

Design Style:

We need a site that is eye-catching and professional looking, but not too busy looking or brightly colored. It should have a Web 2.0 - style design that is clean looking and easy to navigate.

Product Logo:

You can download a copy of our product logo in .tif .psd or .jpg file format here:

PLEASE NOTE: We have not yet decided whether or not we will be using the logo on our product label as part of the header for the site. If we like your design, you may be asked to provide examples of the design both WITH AND WITHOUT the logo as part of the site header. Also, we may want to see some special effects added to the header logo - perhaps a shadow or subtle mirror effect.

Product Image:

You can download an image of the bottle here:

Project Wireframes:

You can view a wireframe of our home page here:

You can view wireframe of a sub page here:…00x600.png…00x600.png

All contest entrants should should create both a home page design and Product Information Page design. We will give special consideration to those who go above and beyond by providing a design for all three pages, but only 2 pages are required for submission. Coding is not necessary.

Contest Notes:
We will give feedback to entries that we rate with 4 and 5 star ratings. Feedback will not be given on in entries that we rate with 3 stars or less.

Here are 3 websites (Please note: these do not belong to us) that have SOME of the design elements we are looking for:

Please DO NOT copy these designs - rather, use them as inspiration for your own original design. We're only providing this as a reference. An interesting design might be a bit of a "combination" of some of the elements of the 3 example sites.

Stock Photos:
We recommend that all contestants use iStockPhoto, Revostock, Bigstockphoto, or a similar service for the site images. Please use the comp images in your design submissions.

We will purchase the winning contestants stock images ourselves. Please bookmark or save the image numbers so we can easily locate them and pay for a license.

If you have any questions or feedback for us please leave a comment in the discussion thread. We will be checking this on a regular basis while the contest is happening.

Good luck on the contest. We look forward to seeing your work!




- Item 1...- Professional site
- Web 2.0 style site with some elements that have a "3-D" look (navigation buttons, order button, guarantee seal, etc.)
- Blues, greens, and other professional looking colors (nothing too loud)
- Original design concept
- Usable site
- Fast loading graphics
- Professional, attractive images that shows people sleeping peacfully, someone looking/feeling tired and someone looking/feeling rejuvenated, VARIED sleep-relevant images, not just the same ones over and over.

Ne veut pas

- Item 1... - no excessively loud or bright colors
- same pictures on multiple pages

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