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New site for a veterinary hospital

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Can you create a design that immediately makes the visitor think these thoughts? (1) Wow, this veterinary hospital must be really good! (2) I can really trust these guys with my beloved Rover, Spot, or FiFi (3) This is...

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Bahama Road Veterinary Hospital

Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Here's your chance to practice that designer mind control technique! Can you create a design that immediately makes the visitor think these thoughts?

(1) Wow, this veterinary hospital must be really good!

(2) I can really trust these guys with my beloved Rover, Spot, or FiFi 

(3) This isn't your average run-of-the-mill vet...I like 'em!

Our client, Bahama Road VeterinaryHospital (BRVH), has just opened new location, and they need to opena web site, too. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is toprovide a professional and clean design for their site.

BRVH is a small-animal veterinarypractice located in a mostly rural area in North Carolina, USA. Theirnew building is state-of-the-art and well-thought, so of course theirweb site will reflect that same pizazz and professionalism.

We want a design that immediatelyconveys what the practice does ... and a design that is, of course, better thanany other veterinary practice web site! :)

The client isn't locked into anycolors, so you're free to offer what you think looks best. I'vecreated a resource file containing the BRVH logo as well as somephotos of their building so you can get a good idea as what they'reabout. You can get that resource file athttp://

To give you and idea as to the flavorsthey do and do not like, here are a few sites the BHVR staff likes,along with their comments:

- Bollinger Canyon Animal Hospital *Nice website! I like the click on for emergency feature

- Fish Hawk Animal Hospital in Florida = - Nice warm welcoming website, very well presented & cute pictures (may have too much content?) 

- http://www.rivertownanimalhospital.comLove the video on the front page of the vet speaking, nice touch - simple site but clean and easy to navigate, don't like color choices

- http://www.universityanimalhospital.comNice site on the eyes, like the way the pictures start into a slide show as you go to the page.

- http://www.newhopeanimalhospital.comVery nice opening page and doctors information looks great.

Andhere are few they're not crazy about:
- --- looks amateurish

- - text too light, hard to read

- - Too white, washed out

- - too many colors

- -- too busy (CH Note: I think they're referring to the background here)

Remember, you can get the logo and view a few photos in the resource file located athttp://

If you use stock photos in your design, please use the comp file for your entry -- if you win, we'll reimburse your for the image (or purchase it and send it to you) so you can insert the full image into the final files.

99designscontest entries have produced some outstanding design for our clients in the past, andwe're looking forward to seeing your designs here – if I've leftany information out, just let me know. Thank you!


- Clean, modern, and friendly design
- Something that conveys "vet" but that doesn't look like your typical vet web site
- Final files as layered .psd or .png format
- The site's content area width should be from 900px to 1000px wide
- Entries should include suggestions/examples of page background.

Ne veut pas

- Nothing fluffy or cutesy!
- Nothing that would even hint that the cursor would have a little animal paw trailing along behind it.

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