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A very innovative start-up is about to launch a package of services aimed at supporting small firms and professionals in their businesses. What we need are two PSD files: for the homepage and for a standard page. Daily feedback is guaranteed. The winning designer will likely get hired to design additional content sub-pages.

Nom de la marque


Qu'est-ce qui vous inspire et comment imaginez-vous le design de votre entreprise?

Amelya is an acronym which means "Amelya Makes Easier and Lighter Your
Activity". Our philosophy is that small firms can save money mainly in
2 ways: sharing services with other firms; using web tools. This can
also allow their activity to be more sustainable from an environmental
point of view.Our site will include: a "virtual office" with
several tools (calendar, file manager, address book); interaction with
a personal assistant and experts; community interactions. The site
provides also contents, including articles, blog posts and to-dos, with
text and pictures. Site colors must be based on our logo. Here are schemes representing patterns for: the standard page; the homepage.

Standard page: the Header contains the elements shown in the pattern,
inlcuding a User Status drop-down like this one, while here is the
items list for the Primary links and the Level 1 Menu. The Level 2 Menu
is a vertical menu placed in a left side bar. It can have from 3 to 7
items. A Secondary Area is located below the Level 2 Menu, in the left
side bar. It can contain several elements, such as messages from
Amelya, recent message headers from the community, ads, widgets, and so
on. The centre of the page is taken by the Work Area, a place where all
the activities take place, for each Task.
The Work Area contains:
- a
specific menu for the Task (Level 3 Menu), containing heterogeneous
elements - such as Address Book, Search field, Tag element, … – which
are recursive or task-specific.;
- a New Item button, different for
each Task (e.g. “new message”, “new invoice”, etc.), but always located
close to the top right corner;
- the Main Content area, where the
activities take place: here different functions must have a common
graphic style; this area can also contain contents, such as an article
or a blog post.Homepage: under the header, there is an introductory section, dominated
by a picture representing our philosophy (what you see below is just an
example: there is no need to show a computer) and containing also: some
introductory statements; 2 or 3 little boxes with function of buttons.
Under that section, there are 5 boxes. The first box has the same width
of the left menu. It contains news about our new services and
implementations. The other 4 boxes are composed by: a title, a short
text, a “learn more…” link, a picture (they introduce our main 4
services). In the picture we give an example in the first box.


- White-backgrounded header, as in LinkedIn (our main model)
- White boxes over a grey background, as in LinkedIn and  Community@Brighton
- Text in Helvetica (both for text and for titles); dark
grey; linked text in dark blue bold; examples: studio7designs and LinkedIn
- Boxes with thin border and round corners, as in in LinkedIn and  Community@Brighton
- Thick pattern, in order to to manage complex pages, as in LinkedIn and
- Footer exactly as in Remember The Milk
- At last, if all above is not enough for you, other examples of sites we like are: PayPal;;
Microplace; Skype; OneBip; Zoho.

Ne veut pas

- Serif fonts
- Titles, menu items and buttons that are image-based, not

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